Sunday, March 13, 2011

Taking Leave of my Census

The taxpayer is about to spend several hundred million pounds collecting a load of information of no great value and questionable accuracy.

It's not that I find it intrusive or have any concerns over who sees my details- frankly I couldn't care less. What annoys me is the colossal waste of my money, as local councils and the Inland Revenue could easily supply all the important data for free. Like many people with nothing better to do, I shall take great delight in selecting a random ethnic origin and claim to have at least 35 guests staying over on 27th March.

I still haven't heard a justification for the census that stands up to more than a couple of seconds of thought.


jaljen said...

Nor I. Anyone care to supply one? If it's for the purpose of directing services to those in need then it's pointless. There's no money for any services so don't bloomin' bother.

Hideki said...

Erm, I'm pretty sure it's actually a criminal offence to lie on a census or just not fill it in at all...

You might want to think twice about that one.

Also, people who have no religion should really tick no religion so we get a meaningful answer to that question (not to mention funding for non-religious groups comparable to what the theists leech from the taxpayer)

I think we're all too old for imaginary friends.

Betty Swollox said...

@Hideki ...Naa ..don't worry the Census Taliban aint coming after you if you fill it in 'wrong'

Regards from the Jedi

Anonymous said...

Frankly I do feel it's intrusive and don't want to give out all these details. It is totally unnecessary and we should all be saying 'mind your own business' to some of the questions, in fact why don't they make that an option? I might tell them I'm Cornish.

Anonymous said...

If the census could identify all the illegal immigrants who could then be sent home, or people who were working and claiming benefits, or working but not paying tax, then it might have some purpose, but otherwise an expensive waste of money.
The elector's register is not accurate so why will this census be any more so?
Who is going to check on the people who fail to return it? No-one this time.
And why all the questions of ethnic origin and religion? At a time when the Supreme Court has said the Human Rights Act takes precedence over religious beliefs. Just crazy. Everyone should be British or go back to where they came from.

Anonymous said...

Hideki, can you actually prove that my ethnic origin isn't Green Manalishi or my religion isn't Pagan Zoroastrianism?

Seems to me from your comments that you have a "thing" about religion. I wonder what proportion of athiests leech from the taxpayer without doing a day's work as opposed to theists?

Anonymous said...

I understand the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is growing in popularity.

No, seriously.

Lilyofthefield said...

Oh don't be so grumpy. Don't pretend you'd have any respect for a govt that didn't have a clue nor any interest about the make-up of its citizens.

Metcountymounty said...

Hey teach... why not stop f*cking whining and get a another job.

If you can.

Anonymous said...

He's got one. He's an author. Let's see now... have you written and had a book published, taught for several years or run your own business?

Thought not.

Metcountymounty said...

My apologies everyone, I am a moron. As you are aware, I often post under this name on various blogs, my input being a eclectic mix of inane and abusive comments. I'm afraid it's because I have a tiny cock.

Lilyofthefield said...

Stop worrying about your cock. Focus on your tiny brain.

English Pensioner said...

Quite a few questions are meaningless. How is your health? Select from five options ranging from excellent to poor.
Compared with what or who? For someone of my age, I'm probably in quite good health, but compared with how I was when I was thirty, I'm in poor health.
Perhaps we should all put "poor" and they might then spend more on the NHS, but in practice, for all the hype, I doubt if any government department will take any notice of the census

Anon Rob said...

It's used to show changing trends in the countries population.
It can show changes and trends in religion, perceived health and so forth every decade over the history of the country and through the different regions of the counrty.
It's useful for a great many things from deciding which areas need more schools through to tracking the rise and fall of religion in areas.
At least it would be used for that if people filled it in properly.

Although, not filling it in or spoiling it is a measurable statistic in itself.

It only takes 5 minutes to fill in once every 10 years, it's not asking any confidential questions. You probably give more information to supermarkets and banks every time you go shoping.
I can’t think of many good reasons not to do that aren't just variations of being bloody minded.