Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Jamie's Dream School

Well, Starkey refused to pander to the kids and the Head immediately cried off.


Lilyofthefield said...

We have a Resolution/Conflict coordinator in our school who costs £21K a tiny year!
I can stuff her by saying "I hear what you're saying, but honestly, it's rubbish. How can you justify that in terms of XXXXX?"
Of course she can't and no-one cares what i think anyway so we both just collect our salaries and the kids carry on doing just as they like.
*Bangs head on wall*

Anonymous said...

"Resolution/Conflict coordinator "

Sounds like a job where she creates conflict in order to resolve it. I'm right aren't I...

Anonymous said...

I watched starkys lesson on youtube and I would just like to say that had ofsted been observing it would have been classed as unsatisfactory.

No objectives on the board, no demonstration of learning, didn't differentiate etc...


Dack said...

I'm not excusing Starkey calling a fat kid fat - but this 'who dissed first' argument is a no-brainer.

If you come into a lesson behaving in a way that prevents a teacher doing (or even attempting to do) their job - ergo wasting oodles of taxpayers' money and preventing the desperate, silent, championless majority from learning - that's disrespectful. Shut up, listen, leave your bloody mobile alone or f*ck off.

And I bet the majority of the kids who blame their school/teachers for 'letting them down' were given more chances than they deserved - because school have no option but to do so.

How we're meant to keep our dignity, self-respect/esteem and morale when being forced to 'accept' such behaviour is beyond me. There's got to be a 'human right' we can call on... come on EU, sod the bent bananas and votes for prisoners - what about us?

The TEFL Tradesman said...

I started off watching the programme but it soon made me ill, and I couldn't endure more than 10 minutes. It was quite predictable, and had cleary been produced for entertainment, rather than in order to help in clearing up a problem, even throwing a little light onto it.

But it did prove a couple of things, I suppose. Firstly, that not everybody has a natural ability to teach, and that you need training in order to do the job effectively. Secondly, that if those saddo dickhead kids had been sent to the sort of school where they could develop their abilities in sport and technical 'trades', etc., instead of being forced to endure several terms of useless GCSE Dirge at foundation level, they would probably never have been branded as unteachable anyway.

Bring back technical schools and the old secondary moderns! And grammars! Give kids the education that suits their natural aptitudes, rather then what some middle-class berk things they shoudl be getting!

Sally said...

My favourite comment about this program so far:

"It's like I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, but instead of eating lower forms of life, they're teaching them."

Personally I am not watching it because I like my TV and don't want it to be broken when I inevitably fly into a steaming rage.

Anonymous said... is worth keeping in mind when watching this show.
The producers are telling the story they want to tell. Compare the cuts of starky's lesson on the C4 show, and the version on dreamschool's youtube channel.
Predicable shit.

Anonymous said...

This is what frightens me about the whole Academies business - they'll end up being run by unaccountable fruitcakes (instead of the accountable fruitcakes that run things at present).

It's chilling, it really is!

Anonymous said...

There are teachers that I remember from some 20 plus years ago. The ones that come to mind were the exceptionally good and bad ones. My computer science teacher, for example, knew his subject backwards and was keen and interested, genuinely an influence in my academic life. However at the other end of the spectrum was my French mistress who instilled a deep hatred of learning languages in me, one that I regret to this day because I would love to be fluent in a foreign language. I also remember a certain science teacher who was so hopelessly out of her depth that if you asked a question that was not in her notes she would fly into a rage or call you stupid.

Ahh, School daze!

Anonymous said...

Sutton Parent: 'they'll end up being run by unaccountable fruitcakes (instead of the accountable fruitcakes that run things at present)'

How do you hold the present fruitcakes to account, then?