Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Asda Kwik Cricket

As I was moaning about the lack of competitive sport in state schools last year, Asda have asked me to let you know about 'Kwik Cricket'.

It's an opportunity for under 11s to play in a huge nationwide competition. They can win coaching sessions by some of the England players, free equipment and the chance to play in front of a big crowd at one of the Test Matches this summer. (It should also ensure that no child will ever be able to spell the word "Quick" again.)

If you are a Primary Teacher the link is here (and the website is very good too)


Dack said...

This - and the 'school voucher system' that most supermarkets run - is just pr and soft soaping in anticipation of the day that they can put in a bid to run a school or two. If you're in favour of 'Tesco High' (no doubt many people are) then carry on.

It's just the 'reward points' that are a marketing tool, generating data to manipulate shoppers into buying more shit they don't need and creating profiles to flog on to suppliers.

What mugs the public are.

Dack said...

'just like'

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd rather send my kids to a school run by Tesco, an organisation absolutely driven by results and at the very top of its tree, than one run by snivelling and unsackable State bureaucrats driven by a socialist agenda which is turning out kids who cannot read, write or add up by the tens of thousand each year.

And by the way, who seriously buys 'shit they don't need' for loyalty points?

And who gave you the right to decide whether anyone 'needs' what they buy in a free society?

Dack said...

I reckon you're the kind of person who buys Glade plug-ins and 'Thai Jasmine & Lime' fragranced washing up liquid.

Anonymous said...

Sponsored by Kwik Fit no doubt?

Anonymous said...

I don't buy either of those things, Dack, though if I did it would be no business of yours whatsoever.

I reckon you're the kind of person who puts his own wrong-headed ideological prejudices ahead of the facts.

Answer me these.

Is education of more or less immediate importance than food?

And if your answer is 'less', which I assume it will be, would you rather buy your food from Tesco or from a State-run store?

And if your answer is a State-run store, point to anywhere in the history of the world where a State-run store has provided as bountifully and cheaply as Tesco.

And if your answer is Tesco, explain why you trust the private sector with your food but not (the less important matter of) education?

Lilyofthefield said...

My children both did Kwik Cricket at Primary school, which I believe was sponsored by the Milk Marketing Board at that time. It was excellent.

Dack said...

Anonymous... two incorrect assumptions: I'm a not a 'he', nor am I someone who believes that the state schools system is a success.

I don't shop at Tesco. I prefer to support smaller/local businesses. I don't buy any food from supermarkets, in fact. And where I don't have that option for other products... I still don't shop at Tesco. I wouldn't like them to educate my kids either.

You're confusing 'results' with profits - and maybe I value some things above a choice of cheap bananas when so many have no food at all.

If I don't agree with corporatism (even if I agree with a form of capitalism), well... that's my business.