Tuesday, December 07, 2010


When I was in my twenties, a friend and I had a routine, whereby whichever one of us was first asked by a girl what they did for a living, would always reply with casual modesty;

"Oh I'm a dolphin trainer."

Our rule was that the other one had to back up this claim, using one of a number of aquatic anecdotes and then in turn when an enquiry was made as to their employment, they had to be a bus driver. This would in turn be supported by an amusing tale of transport turmoil. We did it so many times that I once absent mindedly wrote it on my car insurance application.

I mention this only because the other day I was asked if I had any advice for my friend's son who was just starting his first job and it was the only thing I could think of.


Dack said...

I once met a fella in my dentist's waiting room. When I asked him what he did (original, I know) he said : 'I come from a long line of warriors.' As it happened he did. He had stuff on his ancestors who were Maori chiefs. Would have worked for me without the proof, though, tbh.

Lilyofthefield said...

WORRIERS, mate, worriers.
Did you check his hands for bitten nails?