Tuesday, December 07, 2010


If you are looking for a home for your hard earned savings then let me urge you with all my heart not to ever consider opening an account with Citibank.

They are perfectly legitimate bank and pay interest as and when they are supposed to, but wait until you try and contact Customer Services. I have now listened to three currysworth of Indian music and have been assured that my call is of great value several hundred times. When I finally got through to "Kevin" he was perfectly pleasant and polite, but unable to help me in any way, shape or form with my very simple request.

If you are as unwise as me then you will ask to be put through to the Head of Customer Services and "Kevin" will cheerfully reply with barely restrained delight; "Not a problem Sir!" before either cutting you off or placing you back on interminable hold where you can listen endlessly to how easy it is to send them an email (I did two weeks previously, but they never replied).

In my mind's eye, I can see him now, hooting with laughter as he entertains his friends over a mango lassi, with the tale of the enraged Englishman who fell for the 'Head of Customer Services' trick. Even as I write this they are putting together a new gag just in case I ever phone back.


Anonymous said...

if you have in excess of £ 5000 hard earned money, investigate stock market and start trading. Easy to make 2% a DAY!!!
That's a hundred a day...not a bd wage for just looking around a bit.
Don't park your hard-earned moneyat some bank that paysyou 2 % a year...everyone can make that a day, if only they look around.

Hideki said...

Heh, you're unlikely to guess wrong and lose a good chunk of it in the bank mind...