Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Going, Going, Gone!

Every school I ever worked in had at least one dimwit in the Management Team. They were always easy to identify; just let them speak one sentence and they give themselves away.

However poor old Rachel from Pennsylvania has raised the bar by accidentally selling one of her mobile classrooms on Ebay for a dollar. Does she remind you of anyone from your place?


Anonymous said...

As for the remaining trailers that need to be sold, Dr. Heath said they won't be on eBay any time soon.

"No I don't think we will go that route again," she added.

And another example of dumbass management logic, "Someone screwed up therefore E-Bay bad!"

Margaret English said...

I am not all surprised by this level of stupidity from the so-called mangement team. We have eight at our place, none of whom are fit for purpose, and they have come up with a wonderful solution to help soothe the problems we are facing: From September, there will be ten of them! I can't respond to that piece of news either.

Bridge said...

I take it that the Superintendent didn't get her doctorate in commerce or business?