Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Geert Wilders

Doesn't this guy realise that we don't allow people with funny hairstyles into our Country even if they are democratically elected politicians from friendly countries in the EU?

Thank goodness Jaqui Smith is here to protect us from such menaces by telling him firmly that:

"your presence in the UK would pose a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat to one of the fundamental interests of society".

Hmmm... like free speech perhaps?


ebbye said...

Am in the middle of reading your book. I am finding it incredibly interesting. I am 33 and if I had behaved like that at school ... I would not have learnt a thing. It's a sad and sobering thought.

Anonymous said...

I think this man has a right to show his film and I actually agree with some (not all) of what he says.

The key thing to remember is that nothing should ever be made so sacred that it cannot be openly ridiculed, challenged or argued against. I think Mr. Wilders makes some fair points; the Islamic religion does not work well within a democratic society, it favours men above women, it does not condone integration (except to spread the word of Islam). However, it is strictly against its followers being allowed to integrate to a point whereby they adopt values and beliefs from other cultures. I fully admit that a great number of Muslims, especially the younger ones have done this, but they are virtually ostracised from their communities for doing so.

I don’t have a problem with people being of Islamic faith, and wanting to practice their beliefs. Unfortunately, Islam is so rigid and very much at odds with our freer, more tolerant and liberal democratic values that Mr. Wilder is correct. Now, I appreciate that if people want to think me a racist for feeling that way then so be it. However, just ask yourselves this: If Muslims are so willing to integrate into British society, why do they need separate schools? Why do they get so upset whenever their religion is ridiculed, instead of doing what most British people do whenever anyone makes an attack on Christianity, which is we laugh about it. Why is it that quite a proportion of British Muslims want Sharia Law used more widely in British courts? If they really want to be an integrated part of our society then they need to start welcoming challenges to their faith and beliefs. They need to stop being so rigid and becoming far more liberal in their outlook, less archaic in their treatment of women and far more willing to adopt our values and beliefs. If they can’t do that then they need to leave Britain. There is an old saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Anonymous said...

I agree, Dave and don't even mention there's one law for us and a different one for Muslims. Let him come here! I probably won't agree with him (he sounds very far right), but I will"defend until death his right to say it" (Voltaire)

Anonymous said...

I would also like to add here, that I disagree totally with Mr. Wilder saying that the Islamic faith is there to instigate terrorism and encourages its followers to perpetrate acts of terror. That is not what the majority of Muslims believe or are taught. Islam is essentially a very peaceful religion, if somewhat insular, rigid and anti-liberal.

However, one could turn that argument back on Mr. Wilder and point out that far more acts of terrorism have been committed by men who are staunchly Christian (Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair). Both these two men have taken us into war after using phrases such as “God bless America.” Along with: “God willing America will vanquish her enemies.” Tony Blair has echoed these statements many times whilst we have been at war in the Middle East and killed several MILLION innocent women and children. Therefore, Mr. Wilder should ask himself who the bigger terrorists are, The Muslims, or The Christians?

My initial point was that although I don’t agree with everything he says, and I do not like his extreme right wing views; he does make a very valid point about the Islamic religion not being at all compatible with western, liberal democracy. This issue has also highlighted once again, how it is completely unacceptable to criticise and challenge some of the deeply held beliefs within Islam. Stop being afraid to challenge religion, and stop making things so sacred that we dare not hold things up to ridicule or examine them more closely. Nothing should be sacred, everything should be open to question

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting contrast between this treatment and that afforded to the views of the Iranian president in the UK.

It's bad enough, although justified, when his odious sayings are reported as news. Channel 4 thought itself really trendy in giving this anti-Semitic, homophobic, murderous bigot ten minutes of free UK airtime as a direct and insulting alternative to the Queen's Christmas message of goodwill to the nation.

I'm still awaiting the outcome of Ofcom's adjudication on my complaint and that of many others about this.

Anonymous said...

So THAT'S what happened to Max Headroom!
I always did wonder...

Anonymous said...

Yet again I find myself in the somewhat sickening position of having to defend a right-wing politician.

Why shouldn't Wilders come to the UK? He'd probably be better behaved than many other people who come here.

The film is only moderately interesting. However, I notice that no one has challenged the facts in it. He's picked some of the more violent suras from the Koran. He's used some images of Islamist terrorism as illustrations.

Where's the problem?

Where he and I differ is in our opinions as to what should be done about it.

Anonymous said...

If it's the film that's "offensive" (perhaps they'd like to see the various footage of stonings of women in the name of Islam, for comparative purposes) than ban it. But don;t ban the bloke from entering an EU country, even for having an offensive hairstyle. It's not the Middle Ages here.

Anonymous said...

This deeply undemocratic action by Jaqui SSmith has given the film FITNA far more publicity than any showing to a few crusty old Lords.
What is wrong with that woman that she is so scared of free speech.
Incidentally, did Lord Ahmed repeat his threat to bring 10,000 Jihadis upon Parliament in the event of this film being shown this time ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he did, Some Bloke. It's that I resent so much. I don't mind what Ahmed says about us, but threatening us like that is deeply offensive.