Friday, February 06, 2009

Pupils Behave Better

It's official- pupils' behaviour in the classroom is getting better so you can all stop moaning right now!

Alternatively you can fall back on Chalk's 12th Law of Teaching for guidance:

'Whenever the Educational Psychologist opens her mouth, think back to the people you met at Uni who were doing psychology and stop listening immediately.'


Anonymous said...

Absolute rot! All educational psychlogists should be shot as soon as they show an intention to train as such.

Behaviour is not getting better, it's getting far worse! Oh Lord please save us from these bleeding heart do gooders, all this kind of thing does is stop the truth and the reality of life in the classroom from getting out.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that the daily experience and direct observation of so many people can turn out to be so so wrong?

Anonymous said...

Biggelst load of b******s I#'ve heard ever!! Back in the seventiels the kids had to behave. Now the teachers have to.

Anonymous said...

I was at school in the seventies. It wouldn't be hard for school children to behave better now than school children did then.

I assume that improved behaviour has been achieved by spending more time with badly behaved children at the expense of spending time with quiet bright children.

Anonymous said...

I've found a useful rule of thumb on prnouncements about education is "would they say this about private education"?

and no, they wouldn't, because people do not send their children to private school because all children are well behaved, they send them their to be educated properly, something the government does not think applies to state schools

Anonymous said...

Behaviour getting better! I'm still recovering from the emergency covers I had today - no cover work set and no notice either.
Still, time is a great healer with the assistance of "Milk of Amnesia" (TM)

Anonymous said...

What a load of bollocks! Will someone please tell that to the kids who threw a chair out of my window the other week? Or the one who told me to "f**k off" on Monday?

I was at school in the seventies, and I really don't know where this claptrap is coming from. I went to bog-standard state schools in north-east London, and while there were badly behaved kids in some classes, you were talking about a very small number across the whole school, whereas now you get that number in every CLASS.

It makes me so angry when a reputable source regurgitates stuff like this. People "out there" need to know just how bad things have become in some schools, not be fed misinformation like this.


Anonymous said...

xxx Caz said...
I went to bog-standard state schools in north-east London, and while there were badly behaved kids in some classes, xxx

And this is the point that99% of these bleeding heart pinkoe bloody time wasting "do gooders" miss when they ppoint out "here has ALWAYS been bad behaviour, it is nothing new".

Maybe not, but in the 70s it was
a) a lot less and
b) it was the "fighting behind the bike sheds (Two bastards, two punches and it was over), not doing home work, farting in class and blaming the swot, putting soap in the toilet cisterns etc. It was NOT gang fights in the class room twenty a side with knives drawn, stabbing and beating teachers for giving them home work, setting the swot on fire, and vandalising the toilet blöocks to the point of them needeing to be demolished.

The pinkoe arseholes at N.U.T conference can, or WILL, not see that.

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

Anonymous said...

Whist at an OU summer school some time ago, one of our group (we were doing Chemistry) asked the person in front of him in the dinner queue "what are you doing?".

"Psychology of ... and ..."

"Oh, taking a year off, are you?"

This did not go down well.

Anonymous said...

They must be getting better because look at the end results. You are all so meek and mild that a golliwog upsets you. So diverse that you all feel guilty all the time.
See education works.