Thursday, December 04, 2008

Computers etc.

This is hardly news- but as the author says; imagine what they're looking at on their own computers. In fact don't.

Journalists across the land are rejoicing and thanking Allah that someone's banned Christmas at last! I was starting to worry that we wouldn't see that traditional headline this year.

Moving on to the Scottish Teacher struck off for incompetence; you would normally expect a Daily Mail style rant from me about 'standards' or something, but to be honest I can't help but think that:

a) She doesn't sound half as bad as some of the staff at my school.
b) If we sack all the incompetent teachers, who will make up the SMTs of tomorrow?

Actually when I read through the list of things that she has done, I have to admit that apart from dancing around the classroom, I've done all of them myself and I can't even spell the word 'incompetent'

Still at least Mr Hunter's daughter will be leaping out of bed in the morning now.


Anonymous said...

Bloody typical, F**king Muslims. Sorry but this is Britain, we shouldn't even be celebrating Eid in our schools.

If you want to come live here you should have to adopt our culture and religion. If I went and lived in another country I would expect to have to drop my identity and follow the law and culture of that land. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. This kind of thing gets me so mad. I make no wonder so many people are starting to vote for the BNP. It's a disgrace!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Completely agree with first Annon. This is Britain, we should be celebrating Christmas not Eid. If they want to celebrate Eid, either do it in a faith school for Muslims only, or go home to a Muslim country.

Why oh why do we pander to minorities, instead of putting our own values and culture and traditions first?

I agree this is a disgrace. Political correctness gone loopy.

Anonymous said...

F*cking hell, what is this? Did you lot belong to a previous life in which you burned Protestants, Catholics, witches???

Our school, and all its feeder primaries, simply planned one of the training days to land on Monday and allowed one further day off for Eid. Muslim staff can take the training day (hurray for seeing the true value of a training day at least) as paid leave.

It's not rocket science. "...its effect on our performers" WTF is that? Our school has one of the lowest academic attainment records in the country but our performers, from every bloody end of the planet, bereaved, traumatised, still nursing injuries, unaccompanied minors living in adult male hostels, manage three December performances to which anyone is invited. they win prizes nationally.

Don't give me this BOLLOCKS about "them" fitting in. If you moved, however voluntarily, to a Muslim or any other state, you would continue to mark the arse end of the year with a festivity nominally Christian if you never went near a church except for weddings and funerals.

F*cking hypocrites. And you only got the asterisk because I'm not sure what Mr Chalk's policy on swearing is.

Anonymous said...

Actually Britian is a pagan country. Christianity was introduced to us by the various invaders we had.

Not that it's stopping me do the christmas thing mind.

malpas said...

One could easily get the impression that 'lillyofthefield' didn't really care for the English. and would much prefer to have them totally replaced by some refugee group.
A foreigner is really someone who hasn't fitted in. Conformity used to be a feature of the British. Now coercive diversity is the way of it backed up by teacher fanatics and police arrest warrents.

Kimpatsu said...

What Britain really should be is a secular country, as then none of this nonsense would ever happen.

Ronnie Abdullah said...

Here in the UAE we have been given days off - public holidays - for Eid and National Day. Whilst the shops here 'celebrate' Xmas and New Year too, as it is very profitable for them, no days off are given. Oh, except NY Day, which is secular.

I have worked on Xmas day for many years now, and I don't begrudge it. I enjoy the long muslim religious holidays, even though I ain't muslim.

Just for the record, OK?

Anonymous said...

Cramerj, I am Welsh as it happens but I live in England and am married to an Englishman. My children regard themselves as English. I prefer to think of the issues people like you have with "foreigners" - for how many generations do they have to live here before they are no longer "foreign"? - to do with Britain rather than just England. Certainly South Wales has taken its share of immigrants since the 60s.

I agree that fitting in is to be encouraged in terms of social cohesion but it shouldn't mean absolute conformity with your own rather narrow conception of what "English" should mean.

How can you adopt a religion? Either you believe in it or you don't. I'm an atheist but according to your non-argument I should be making a regular appearance at my local CofE. You could force me to turn up by e.g. docking my benefits or refusing to pay me for Christmas and Easter holidays but you wouldn't thereby be changing my religion or my faith. You would be resorting to the very sort of mediaeval fundamentalist Christian tactics that you no doubt deplore in Muslim states.

People who have settled here legally and obey the law of the land make more of a positive contribution than a lot of our native specimens. It isn't pandering; it's called tolerance. When the native group perceives a new arrival being treated better than they are, that's when intolerance and prejudice develops. The perception is not necessarily backed up with fact but what's that matter to a ranrting racist with a chip on his shoulder? And after the derisory sentences handed down to the pair of thugs who beat an Asian lad to death in a park, I don't think that "preferential" is the word I would use to describe their treatment.

I don't know a single non-native person who has ever complained about the festival of Christmas. Most of them are acutely embarrassed at the very concept of "Winterval" invented to spare their feelings. Many I've spoken too wish the right-on, white, middle-class bleeding hearts who campaign, completely unsolicited, on their behalf to re-write nursery rhymes, would pack it in, however well-meaning.

Pogo said...

I was more amused than anything by the "computers" thread...

"One recent piece of research by the software company Zentek produced some alarming figures. "

As the company in question appears to supply "net filtering" software I'd have been truly astonished if they hadn't.

"Ninety per cent are absolutely fine when they use the internet. They are generally good but they bump into things on the web, just as they do in everyday life."

"... just bump into things..."... Yeah... Right... I know that the esteemed Managing Director doesn't want to demonise children, but that really is bollocks. They "bump into" porn etc because they go looking for it, just like my friends and me in the dim and distant past used to "bump into" copies of "Health and Efficiency" in the local dodgy newsagent.