Monday, May 21, 2007

Somebody will be in trouble.

When I read this article I was appalled. Shocked to my very core.

How can anyone be so stupid as to leave such a valuable document lying around in the street?

A representative from the school today confirmed that they had visited Mrs Scroggins to apologise for describing her as 'quite rough' in the report and that she had accepted their offer of a large bottle of tequila and 200 fags as a goodwill gesture.

They added that the comment will be changed in future editions to 'very rough'


Anonymous said...


Sounds like an excellent and accurate document that should be supplied to all new and supply teachers at the school.

The TEFL Tradesman said...

Mm, right - there's suitable and unsuitable for general publication, clearly.

I once got ticked off for referring to a rather dull and slothful student as "a vegetable amongst flowers" in a termly report. Of course, it had to be changed at the last moment - to something like "has shown great initiative and keenness to work hard this term".

Makes ya sick, dunnit...!!?

Anonymous said...

At first I thought there is miles of humour in this, but then I started to get a little narked.

Saint Bernice, the finder of said book has looked at the report in far greater depth than someone trying to identify a potential owner.(nosey cow)

Saint Bernice has then attempted to flog said book (successfully or unsuccessfully I don’t know (hoor))

This book has obviously caused offence to the “do gooder brigade”. For sure it hasn’t offended me.
Do we agree that the terms “wally”, “ding bat” & “a bit rough” are perfectly legal terms to use? Unorthodox yes, but not offensive in legal terms. & do we agree that in our society that there are in fact people who behave in such a way that they could indeed be described in such a way?

The honest fact is that we don’t live in a “wally” free society. If we did that would make it Utopia & thus a newsless environment, putting the highly offended BBC (& do gooder staff) out of a job.

The truth is the comments were not unreasonable & with any large volume of people there will be some “balloons”. & if a teacher is not allowed to write the truth about a pupil how are we ever going to improve that pupil? The comments were in fact, perfectly reasonable (no doubt), but the behaviour of Bernice, the BBC & anyone who read the story & was offended, is, in my opinion unreasonable.

This disapproving witch hunt type behaviour against hard working honest folks for what is usually a trivial matter is destroying the fabric of this once great nation.

There are too many criminals, scroungers, corrupt politicians & people walking around with their faces covered screaming death to whoever that don’t seem to outrage Bernice & the BBC.

Teachers do a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances & pay their way to. I doubt very much whether Bernice or “rough mother” do the same.

Up the workers.

oh & just remember,

"you can't polish a turd"

Anonymous said...

The best report passed to me as form tutor was from a geography teacher. It had, in capitals, the following:


Got kicked back by the year head. I thought it was accurate at least.

Anonymous said...

"Our expectation of... written reports is that they should be based on evidence, that they should differentiate fact from opinion, and that they should be expressed in clear and professional language.

Oh yes "clear and professional language" I know ofcourse it should have been in language saved for home reports. Language which skirts around the issues leaving everyone non the wiser!!!

Oh by the way I'd rather not by anonymous but can't work out how to register grr!

Anonymous said...

That's the problem of running any "customer-facing" organisation. If you keep honest notes you will be hated, and probably break umpteen ridiculous laws. If you don't keep notes, you cannot hope to react in a realistic way. (E.g. you will treat the "quite rough" mother with inappropriate respect when she complains that her "dingbat" child is being badly treated).

Anonymous said...

kaletsky has an interesting article in todays times

what to do with the troublemakers

Anonymous said...

It's indefensible that this document should have been left around, the proper place for it is on a web site so we can all have a laugh. BTW why haven't teachers got together to produce a rate your pupils and their parents website?

Anonymous said...

at one of the school's I taught I was handed a document written by a primary school teacher to inform me about the students i would be having in my form group. One lad was described as 'Shitty pants' and yes you've guessed it he was not properly toilet trained even by year 7 with no medical reason. You could smell him long before you saw him.

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