Monday, May 07, 2007

The Man on the Telly

After some high powered negotiations; (they make an offer and I say "What does that word mean?" I have managed to sell the TV rights to my book. Hoorah!

Now these things take a long time to come to fruition ('Life on Mars' took seven years!) but hopefully one day we will all be able to watch Mr Chalk on the telly.

Now I don't get to have the last word on what gets made, so I suppose we could all end up as a bunch of elves, or floating around on a space station. However, the production company seem like a decent bunch to me so I'm sure everything will be fine.


Anonymous said...

well done.

Anonymous said...

Frank, I have no idea how to email you other than this way, but thought you might be interested in this from Susan Hill's blog: " PITY THE POOR SCHOOL PUPILS - THIS IS QUITE SHOCKING
by Susan Hill on Mon 07 May 2007 11:21 AM BST
I had a pleasant e-mail from a school pupil doing THE WOMAN IN BLACK for her English course. Her teacher has set them a question about it - having first told them that she herself HAS NEVER READ THE BOOK. I am rarely shocked by some of the messages I get from school pupils and I thought I had heard it all. but this is appalling. How can this person be employed as a teacher of English in a secondary school ? You might as well say a French teacher has never learned the language.

But the question she has set the pupils needs to be address here and now. They have been told - by the woman who has never read the book - that THE WOMAN IN BLACK is a response to Wilkie Collins's famous novel THE WOMAN IN WHITE and they are asked to trace how.

The student says she has read the latter and is puzzled as she cannot really find many links. She is quite right. The reason ? She, you, they and every English literature teacher, examiner and pupil will have to take my word for it but


End of, I think."

Congrats on the TV thing BTW - brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Dear Frank
First, congratulations!
Second, I can't believe they'll actually do justice to your excellent book.
You wrote what the politicians and the Stalinist ideologues who "run" education do not want wider society to know. I hope I'm wrong, but I just can't see any T.V. exec' putting the full insanity and horror that is today's state education system on the screen.
All thre best!

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to watch Mr Chalk on TV - and the little cahppie (wuff!). IF you want to make sure he egts on TV, just make sure he gets an ASBO. Opens doors these days, boys with ASBOs get publicity and attention they so crave. And you can always look sad and say "he's a GOOD boy, really, just fell in with the wrong crowd...." that would make things even more realistic