Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rate My School

I've never been particularly bothered about the Rate My Teacher Site, I'm more concerned that we seem to be attracting too many under confident, over sensitive teachers who give a damn about the misspelt ramblings of disaffected kids with nothing better to do.

Have a look at Rate My School. It's only just got going, so there aren't many comments yet, but the ones I saw seem to have a common SMT theme...

Or simply vent your frustrations at my rather more modest offerings Rate My Pupil and Rate My SMT


Anonymous said...

The rate my school site is very different to other sites about schools. For a start there's the opporutnity to actually engage in email contact with people who write comments. This could goive potemntial applicants an invaluable insight into the school and the locality - for better or worse!

Also, the advertising.

Everyone's who has enquired about this so far has been told the same thing:

"Send us your advertisement. the charge is £50 which is to be donated to a charity of YOUR choice"

So it's an altruistic site too...

Anonymous said...

just a thought but I read recently about that rate my teachers site & thought it was extremely harsh. as if their job isnt hard enough already.

so.... why dont teachers go on these sites anonymously & target the kids that make there lives a mysery.

hey presto revenge, not very adult I know but ho hum..

..or are they doing that already & I am just slow on the uptake

in which case

i must pay attention to the blog
i must pay attention to the blog
i must ....i know, i know you get the point.

Anonymous said...

There is no purpose to the ratemyteachers site other than to insult teachers - and, of course, to sell advertising. does, however, seek to provide a useful service AND, in passing, raise money for charity.

Anonymous said...

I have visited the ratemyschool site and found that, in the main, the comments were positive and useful. They are 'moderated' apparently so maybe there are negative commnents that have been censored? Certainly it provides a little bit extra information to that already available. I did email two of the Comment writers and they both replied giving me further information about the school.

That's useful.

The ratings of the schools give at best general outline.

There appears to be no malice on the site which surely is to the good?