Sunday, April 15, 2007

Leroy's 'Hands on' approach

Hope you all enjoyed the Easter holiday.

If you should happen to get called into the Head's office tomorrow, better hope that they've not been taking a leaf from Leroy's unique management style. The poor chap apparently misunderstood the idea of a 'Top Down' approach and is hopefully suing the Illinois Department of Education for any embarrassment that he has suffered.

Mind you; unlike many Heads he certainly can't be accused of being 'distant' or 'out of touch' with his staff.


Anonymous said...

Yet another example of SMT favouritism.

It makes me sick.


Anonymous said...

Ok what's the problem?

If it was consentual, and it's not sex with a student, it's another adult teacher. Fair enough it's in the principals office, but they aren't doing it infront of the kids.

These two aren't hurting anyone, well except if they are married, but you can't sack someone for having an affair.

To be honest I can't see what the big issue is, two adults presumably having consetual sex, ok it's in a school office, but if the kids aren't around so what?

Good grief lighten up society.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:59

If it was consensual sex with a student over the age of consent, would you object?
What if he wasn't actually teaching that particular student?

Anonymous said...

Anaonymous (#2), your ridiculously irresponsible attitude, together with your lack of understanding of the most basic points of spelling and punctuation, make me feel extremely sorry for you. What's it like having to live in such a dark hole for most of your life?

God help the children that you 'teach', if indeed there are any!

Unknown said...

Sandy, "Anaonymous"? That's pot calling the kettle... oops, nearly got politically incorrect there.

Anonymous said...

Martin, I don't want to be a pendant but Sandy's "Anaonymous" is a typo not a spelling mistake.

Anonymous said...

Mike Davies,

Don't you mean pedant? Being a pendant would probably not be that fulfilling.