Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kids of Today

Here's a bizarre BBC News article where a man in his early 50s goes back to the rather nice school he once attended and wonders why it it's full of aspirational, well behaved, mature young people rather than mindless yobs, vandals and dropouts. (Which of course is exactly how it would have been when he went there).


Did the BBC never think to send him to St Thickchilds? Our inner city hell hole could have supplied him with plenty of miscreants to keep him happy. I'm sure that his face would be a picture of delight when some 'rebellious pupil' swore at him or spat on him as he walked under a classroom window. Just imagine how proud he would be on returning to his car to find that it had been scratched with a key by some young 'challenger of society's values'.

Most kids today are fairly sensible. Most kids always were.


Don said...

In fact his old school is now a sixth-form college: presumably it wasn't when he was there in the 1970s, although the article doesn't make that entirely clear. But the anarchist rebels who hung about in bus shelters would've left school at 16 and probably wouldn't these days be stopping on at a sixth form college. Which I would suggest is skewing his statistics somewhat.

Sue Sims said...

Peter Symonds College - good God, that's the highest achieving sixth form results apart from a handful of selective independent schools in the whole of Hampshire. I've had girls from the school I teach in trying (and failing) to get in there, despite fantastic GCSE predictions, because we're in Dorset and PSC is so over-subscribed.

The man's a moron if he thinks that PNC is in any sense representative of the nation's schools. (It was a grammar school when he was there, I imagine.)

Sue Sims said...

Sorry - that should have been PSC.