Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Once upon a time, schools used to be given lots of notice before Ofsted turned up so that they could expel all their really naughty kids and send the worst teachers away on a course somewhere. The remaining staff would worry themselves to death preparing ridiculous lessons which impressed the inspectors immensely and were a complete waste of the pupils' time. The caretaker would be told to paint everything in sight, pick up all the litter and put out some nice plants in pots. This pantomime suited everyone very well.

Then the system was changed so that schools were only given a couple of days warning. There would be a frenzied panic whilst everyone frantically covered their classroom walls with examples of the children's work, stayed up all night trying to get their books marked and delivered a wacky but pointless lesson on the big day.

Finally it was proposed that the inspectors just turn up unnanounced and see what really goes on. 

Obviously this idea was dismissed as being completely ridiculous after the unions complained and today it was announced that Ofsted will now be telling the Head one day in advance of their arrival.

If anyone doesn't like this new plan, then just be patient and it will change again before long.


Dave said...

"Their"? Oh dear, oh dear, the standards of this place really are slipping, aren't they? :D

Anonymous said...

What's the prob?

penylanpip said...

I don't see a problem either, Anon, and am surprised that Dave hasn't quietly removed his comment!
I have worked in a bank, where the inspecting officers could arrive unannounced anytime between 5 years to 5 days after the previous inspection. 'Tis the only way to find out what is really happening and should be applied to schools.
Very poor show that Ofsted backed down on this but then, they rate fairly low themselves in many eyes...

Unknown said...

I think that the whole Ofsted charade is ridiculous - either they come in and see what really goes on or teachers should openly declare that they could not possibly realistically prepare all of their lessons to Ofsted standard on a daily basis anyway.