Thursday, April 12, 2012

Inspector Gadget and Sophie Khan

The latest celebrity pairing, police blogger Inspector Gadget and Sophie Khan, a solicitor-advocate, (whatever that is), are having a bit of a falling out in true Hollywood fashion.

On 7th April Sophie tweeted:

'Met Police aren't just racist while on duty, they're racist off duty too. They're members of BNP scum'

Gadget wasn't too pleased about this (I think he was offended by her terrible English) so he encouraged his readers to complain to her employers, GT Stewart, who wrote a disclaimer on their website and she deleted the tweet.

Personally, I think that their relationship might be on the rocks because she looks jolly cross with him in this photo.

Anyway, in round two Gadget's readers have started complaining en masse to the Solicitors Regulation Authority and in return she's now trying to 'out' him (presumably this means revealing his identity rather than getting him to admit that he cavorts with other men). Dan Collins, publisher of Gadget's Book is offering to spill the beans for £50 000 and in the spirit of David Cameron's "We're all in this together", I'm willing to undercut him at £47 500.

I do hope she decides to try and find out who I am, as I could really use the money. (To avoid paying any tax on it, I plan to donate the whole lot to my charity which helps middle class Brits buy ski chalets in the Alps)


X said...

Time for an "I'm Spartacus" moment.

I'm the real Gadget!

Anonymous said...

Her days appearing in court must be numbered. If she was prosecuting me I would question her impartiality in light of her stupid remarks. Each time she appeared in court it would be a stick to beat her with.

Anonymous said...

I hope the spiteful jerk who outed NightJack gets royally screwed when he is sued for gaining the information by hacking into Nightjack's email account. I stopped buying The Times newspaper because they ran that story.

Anonymous said...

Sophie should pay this guy to reveal his identity.. what this police blogger is doing is harassment .. find him and sue the cunt! (she was referring to an article in the Sun). this police psycho needs help, either that or i hope he gets stabbed to death. cunt!

Anonymous said...

SK's followers (Anon 04.35) showing their ability at punctuation and using "that word"

Anonymous said...

Insp Gadget works for Sussex plod.