Friday, January 13, 2012

Teachers on the Radio

Why is it that whenever I hear a teacher being interviewed on the radio, they always manage to make us all sound like fools?

Maybe all the ones bright enough to string a coherent argument together are too busy teaching.


Anonymous said...

Haven't you been interviewed in the radio??

I seem to remember you writing wistfully of l'esprit d'escalier - perhaps you should not be so quick to comment on others.

I enjoyed your first book and and used to enjoy this blog btw. I hope it gets better or you give up!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe all teachers are fools.

Anonymous said...

They might not all be lions but they have led by a veritable procession of donkeys.

Anonymous said...

Urrrrgghh BEEN led. By people who can possibly type without missing out whole words.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps many of us have left. Having read your books, I am certain that my decision to leave teaching was the right thing to do. I taught English in Norway - but the situations you describe are just as relevant there as they are in the UK.