Monday, November 28, 2011


Well lots of schools and hospitals will be closed on Wednesday and our borders will be even less secure than usual. (Although it's hard to imagine how). Battle lines appear to be drawn.

Public sector viewpoint: "It's not fair- they are changing our terms and conditions and taking money away from us."

Private sector viewpoint: "I'd give my right arm for that pension deal they're rejecting"

There will probably be some mention of "bankers", "bailouts" and possibly even Mrs Thatcher.


Anonymous said...

Gosh.... it's almost as though you had a crystal ball!
Mystic Anon's contacts on the other side are telling her that the march will almost certainly be hijacked by the Hobby Rioters and will end in things getting damaged that it will cost even more public money to mend. Wooooooooooooh!

Anonymous said...

public sector worker here and I AM NOT striking.....even though my office is closed I have managed to find some work to do!!
striking hurts everybody, work to rule/overtime that's a bit better (my opinion, should have happened in the first place!)