Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sales of Gadgets Down

Argos has reported that sales of electronic gadgets are down 20%. Comet and Dixons are likely to issue similar figures. Have we finally come to our senses and realised that purchasing these shiny things does not instantly transform us into the happy, confident, good looking people shown on the adverts?

Or are we simply having to save more for our annual summer holiday instead?


Mosher said...

From a personal point of view, gadgets are just getting more similar and more expensive.

The big new one? Tablet computers. A decent one will set you back £350+ (I know you can get crap ones for £65, but believe me they *are* crap).

Given that a lot of gadget freaks will already have a netbook and smart phone, you then have to justify not only the price but getting one in addition to something else that already does the same job.

Oh, yeah. And then there's COSLA trying to take your pension away, reduce your pay by 50+% and increase your working hours so you'd not be able to afford it or have the time to use it anyway.

Just to get us back on topic ;)

Anonymous said...

Could we just be buying online instead of from the high street? I've barely been in a Currys since I worked there during uni, and only then for urgently needed consumables.

Perhaps these 'shiny things' are becoming less special and people don't see the need for a store staffed by 'experts' who look/act suspiciously much like poor students. I'd hazard that tech-savvy shoppers can see that a big proportion of the staff haven't got more than a superficial / read-off-the-ticket knowledge of most high-ticket items.

Can you tell I'm not a fan? ;) said...

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