Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Word War 1

All Police leave has been cancelled today amid fears that more planned marches by Scrabble fundamentalists could result in a repeat of the violent scenes from yesterday's protests; where police came under a barrage of tiles as they attempted to prevent demonstrators converging on Trafalgar Square, many carrying placards and banners featuring 'Mattel' spelt with a small 'm' in order to show their opposition to any idealogical shift.

A member of one group, the Scrabble Rabble; known only by his gang name, 'Quixyzy'; claimed that Police had provoked the marchers by shouting out proper nouns and even collections of letter such as 'hig' and 'dutton' which, not being words; are considered offensive to Scrabblers. The Police Complaints Commission has said that it takes such allegations extremely seriously, whilst a spokesman from the breakaway Travel Scrabble Association denied any part in the rioting, adding that 'rioting' would be awarded a 50 point bonus for the use of all seven letters.


NorthernTeacher said...

I just had to check out your link to see what this was all about. I'm horrified that the picture of a typical Scrabble board on the BBC report shows only CAPITAL letters! How on earth (or is it Earth?) will the Scrabblers be able to confirm the new proper nouns when ALL the tiles have capitals? Not a lower case a-z in sight! More riots ahead for certain!

Dack said...

Don't panic - it's just an alternative edition.

Mind you the Daily Mail reader comments are worth a gander if you fancy a chuckle (hat tip R4).

Especially: 'I hoped that this was an April 1st Joke.
Scrabble has been a mainstay of boards games and family get together's for almost my entire life and now they are dumbing down the game. Why? the game is already popular and interesting without this sort of nonsense.
What has been a reasonably intellectual pursuit and friendly competition is being reduced in stature to a nonsense. No sensible familiy will change their play to accomodate this garbage.
Someone is demeaning a classic for the sake of the illiterate and uneducated. Before long countdown style programmes will be just snakes and ladders.'

Many are claiming it's the education system to blame, obviously.

Anonymous said...

but surely we all play by our own rules anyway

have you never played naughty scrabble ?

and then play the polite version with ...... more polite people

my friend calls it squabble anyway

tosh tosh tosh

do your own thing ... like i sometimes ignore basic grammar stuff ........ it s a GAME!