Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I have sent Global Warming an ultimatum today. It has one more week to get its act together or it's out.

It is so cold that I have climbed into my oven to write this.


Lilyofthefrozenfield said...

Right behind you!

Donna O said...

Surfing around eblogger and came across your blog---your recent post made me laugh out loud---that would be "LOL" is case you are not sure what I mean:0). Thanks for the chuckle and I agree 100%---we awoke to a "balmy" 15 degrees F in Northeastern PA in the good 'ole US of A! Warm considering the other day it was only 9!

Fran Hill said...

When you hear back from Mr Warming, can you tell him that I'm very happy for him to stay away as I am getting days off school out of him.