Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's Your Time You're Wasting

As a special Christmas treat for any reader who, despite my constant advertising; hasn't got round to buying a copy of "It's Your Time You're Wasting", I have posted this link on the sidebar so that you can read a little bit of it and then hopefully buy the whole thing from Monday Books for £7.99 (free postage).

"It would make an ideal Christmas present either for yourself or for someone dear to you." Mrs. Chalk


The TEFL Tradesman said...

Damn! I bought it for myself last Christmas, and STILL haven't got round to reading it yet. So whose time am I wasting?!

Steve said...

A great read Frank.
Very funny, though I'm not sure everyone likes black humour as much as I do.
Obviously, as a teacher in a city comp it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, but it was nice to see it all in black and white.
Not least so that I could show it to disbelieving friends and family and say, 'See? It's not just me!'

Anonymous said...

all people I know already got it from me last year.
so, Frank...do us all a favour and write book no. 2!!

Anonymous said...

I got a copy of the book for Christmas (along with a heap of others), and have just finished reading it. A very good (if terribly depressing) read - so now I shall subscribe to the blog as well!