Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Leonora Rustamova

Poor old Leonora was a teacher at Calder High School who took on the challenge of trying to interest teenage boys in reading novels.

This would have been too difficult for me, but this woman was made of sterner stuff. She took the time and effort to write a novel which was apparently a bit 'Racy' (probably a lot less racy than whatever other material they perused.)

As a reward for going well beyond the call of duty, her head appears to have sacked her.

I was supposed to be discussing this on Five Live today but managed to miss the call due to a previous appointment as chimp handler at Michael Jackson's funeral. You were therefore spared my foolish comments.

ps I've just been told that a Facebook Group has been set up to support her here (Don't ask me what this means)


Anonymous said...

hmmm...freedom of speach, eh?
Why did she publish under her own name...being a teacher she should only to well know that in this country you've got to say what the government wants to hear, or else.....has she not come across political correctness yet????

Lilyofthefield said...

Paul Brennan, acting group director for children and young people at Calderdale Council said: "The safety and well being of all children and young people in schools is paramount.....

....This has been a difficult time for the whole school community. It is my hope that the pupils and staff of Calder High can now focus their full attention on their studies and continue to thrive and succeed in the future."


jerym said...

Lilyofthefield you beat me to it.------- I would love to insert a hardcover copy somewhere he could`nt see to read it.
Oficial statements like these from some smug po faced spokesperson are beyond satire and I find it very difficult not to inflict grevious bodily harm on my monitor.

Anonymous said...

sorry but in my opinion she is right to have been sacked, because if it was any other teacher theyw ould have been branded a paedophile, so yes she did something which was unproffesional and now she has to pay the consequences. Thank you

Kathryn said...

I was one of the many students of Leonora Rustaova. And the idea of us moving on from such a brilliant teacher is hard to bear. She wasn't unproffessional, The students in the book who I am friends. with are hard to teach they skived school because they hated it. They came in 2 days a week when they had english. I have read the book and the book classes them as heroes and the plot wasn't wrote by her it was wrote by the students she just made it into readable text. I would stand for her anyday because what she did was teach an "unteachable" group of students that no one else wanted. I mean I have been in their other lessons and as soon as they step in their took away for no reason. So you can see my aggrivation for this topic because I was aiming for a "B" and now I have a Drama teacher for english telling me the best I can do is a "D". So don't tell me she was unproffesional and don't tell me political correctness because she did something that most teachers don't. She took the time to help a group of students achieve grades when others would hang the out to dry in this world.
Everything in the media has been made worse so take it with a pinch of salt. Also Paul Brennan isn't in charge anymore. Janet Donaldson is. And in case your wondering I work with the council I am a good student, so i do understand political correctness, but which would you choose get the kids a grade and help them learn or tick some boxes for the goverment that isn't good for any student is it so why does this coninue to get rid of good teachers instead of those who don't care. yet the school thinks only the rebellious students are protesting. Just to end that 6 teachers have gone including Mrs Rusty and Mr Cann because they can't be bothered with calder high anymore and other commitents.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should remember that pupils are all different - some will not need any encouragement to learn, some will not learn even if paid to do it. I think Ms Leonora took a quite dangerous step when she decided to write the book but it proved her correct in her application of a methodical approach - it worked!
I agree though that this book should not appear on a public site under her real name. We are not ready for it, we would never be.