Friday, January 02, 2009


This poor chap has been sacked for impersonating a 1970s PE Teacher.

Now you've always got to take what the papers say with a pinch of salt. Mostly they just copy stories from each other pretty much word for word.

Now although I'm always keen to condemn anyone who comes to work looking like a Gypo, I probably wouldn't moan if he is teaching PE from 9 till 10 then keeping his tracksuit on whilst he does an hour's Geography before heading back to the Rugby Pitch. (All PE teachers do Geography- it's the law)

On the other hand if it's one of these schools where the staff are a bunch of scruffs, then well done to the Head for demonstrating some leadership (now known as bullying), introducing a dress code and chucking out anyone who still looks like Wurzel.


Anonymous said...

No, he's clearly been sacked because he's the union rep and the SMT have considered him a pain in the arse for too long. Doesn't take an idiot to work that one out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Frank still has trouble with that one, eh?!

Anyway, I can see that wearing a 1980s shell-suit would be an unpardonable fashion blunder, worthy of a sacking.

Why didn't he just stick to the regulation flak jacket and body-armour?

Bridge said...

So heads decide what we do at work, and the GTC are planning to tell us what to do outside of work. Are we going to be paid year-round for 24 hours a day? If so, I'll come into work in a Versace suit if the head wants.

Tower Hamlets is a staunchly New Liebore borough. You can bet your bottom dollar that this has more to do with silencing the NUT and seeing what teachers will put up with than it has with dressing in a suit. Will they be checking our underpants next?

Anonymous said...

I've seen a few versions of this story - and in the first couple I saw, it stated that he was a teacher of SEN, not PE.

I wouldn't dream of turning up to school (or any other job I've had) in trackies or jeans; I've never been told what to wear, but common sense dictates I need to be dressed smartly.

I don't think it's unreasonable for an employer to have a dress code, and I believe he was given several chances to change his mode of dress and didn't comply

Anonymous said...

The Telegraph report led one to believe that he was sacked for wearing tracksuits and trainers while teaching PE. Only later did it mention classroom teaching but left it unclear how he dressed for those.

From the pic he looks like a scruffy loser, probably from a Polytechnic.

Margaret English said...

I posted my views on a version of this story earlier in the week, based on an article on the bbc news website. This article stated that Mr Swain was a special needs teacher and I duly slated him for being an idiot and for going to work dressed like a hobo.

I am now surprised to read in the article attached to your post that he also taught pe. This certainly puts a different slant on things.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, this is stupid. My P.E teacher also taught some English but nobody expected him to change into a bloody suit, then change back again. That's just stupid and unmanagable. Get real people. Good grief it's politcal correctness gone mad.

As long as he's a good teacher it doesn't matter if the guy comes to work dressed as a ballet dancer!

Anonymous said...

Totally off topic, but still educationally related. I found this blog; the guy seems deeply passionate about the realities of being educated yet unemployed. My son is having similar experiences at the moment.

It's worth a look and I found it very refreshing, he pulls no punches and I bet his experiences are shared by many new graduates