Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Games

Well the Olympics are underway and to my amazement the opening ceremony didn't feature the shooting of any Tibetans.

I can't take Table Tennis seriously and I can't get my head round Dressage or Solo Synchronised Swimming. Nor have I any idea why Tennis and Basketball are featured when they already have their own well known Leagues and Championships. Give me the traditional sports such as Beach Volleyball any day.

Mind you, we really don't make enough of our own stars such as Nicole Cooke who blew away the opposition in the cycling road race but earns less in a year than the average poncey footballer spends in the hair salon. She has been our best female cyclist for years but only rates a few column inches in the papers after seventeen pages of round ball rubbish.

I wish they would bring back the Tug of War, last seen in the 1920 Games in Antwerp. (Where incidentally we won the Gold Medal)


Anonymous said...

You learn a new thing every day, I never knew that Team GB were the reigning Tug-o-War gold medalists...

A good one for the pub quiz.


jerym said...

Wouldnt be able to shift any modern british tug of war team with a couple of tractors if you ask me

Margaret English said...

Beach volleyball. Any particular reason...?
My favourites are: Boxing, cycling and track athletics.

Anonymous said...

Well Michael Phelps has just made history. It is now completely impossible for one person to win more gold medals in one olympics, as no other sport/discipline offers a single athlete the chance to take part in so many events.

Fantastic Mr. Phelps, unless there is a significant change to the number of events a sport allows its athletes to compete in, your record can never be broken, only possibly equalled (although that is virtually impossible in itself). Congratulations, you really are (and probably always will be) the greatest olympian ever!

Anonymous said...

the above comment is total b**locks. Phelps maybe be the greatest recorded swimmer at this time but the greatest olympian? i think not. The very fact that other sports do not have enough events for phelps to be equalled does not make him a better athlete that the others. So baiscally he just a good swimmer.
Surely the greastest athlete is the one that can win at numerous sports, not just by doing variations of the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Tug-of-war ... that'd be fun. We used to have that at Scouts sports day, and every year there was a big argument about whether wearing football boots constituted an unfair advantage! If it were an Olympic event, Team GB would retain the gold for sure, no-one would be able to shift our clinically obese school-kids. Speaking of Olympic events, why on Earth are both softball (rounders) and baseball (glorified rounders) events? Surely one or the other would do!