Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And So Is This...

Poor old Gordon Brown is under fire again today after claiming that he saw no reason to doubt the authenticity of a £2 million pound donation from Sharon Watts, checkout girl at Tescos.

Mind you, anyone who thinks the GTC is a bit harsh should get a job in Sudan, where ex-pat teacher Gillian Gibbons was recently interviewed on Kartoum Radio:

Ahmed: "So Gillian, how are you enjoying life in our wonderful country?"

GG: "Well it's alright, very sunni and warm, but I do think that banning alcohol is a bit much. I mean, I'm not really a big drinker; but you know what it's like after a long week learning the Koran off by heart... It's hard work and you need a drink, especially in this heat. Come on Ahmed, you must have a few contacts who could help me get lashed?"


Anonymous said...

I reckon you'd get beheaded after about a week in the Sudan, Chalkie!

Anonymous said...

Sudan, isn't that the country were slaughter of muslims has been happening in wholesale numbers for years in Darfur province?

The Sudanese police are getting all Starsky & Hutchy over the name of a TEDDY BEAR? A name the teddy bear incidentally shares with about half the world's muslim male population?

*beyond belief*

Mine Host said...

And the same judicial system which sees "no reason for concern" over the Darfur butchery has gone & got itself all Hangin Judge Roy Bean-ified over the name of a teddy bear.

There is a 50/50 chance the judge on the case, and half the "investigating" officers have the initials "M.M." (Gee, what could those M's stand for?)

Anonymous said...

I once came across a site by a strict muslim (probably a wahhabist or salafist or whatever they're called), trying to answer the question why, if Islam is so great and Muslims are so morally superior to the kuffar, there were so many slaughters of muslims by muslims, such as in the Sudan.

His answer? He found a couple of quotes in the Koran saying that the unbelievers are not to be trusted, leading to the totally logical argument that all these cases were made up by the infidel media to slur Islam and muslims in general.

Funny though...every time I turn on my TV, instead of getting anti-muslim, pro great/little satan propaganda funded by the international Jewish lobby, I inexplicably get the BBC. Is there something wrong with my set?'s good to see you back Chalk, even if you can't post as regularly as usual. I only found your site a couple of months ago but spent about 4 hours reading your archives, sometimes in tears of laughter.

One of my old friends from school is a teacher. I hadn't seen him in around 5 years, when one day I passed him in the street. I didn't even recognise him at first (even though he waved at me to catch my attention) because he now has nearly completely grey hair. I mean, WTF? We're both only 36 and I just have the odd grey hair that I pluck out whenever I see it sprouting again. He looked like a refugee from Return of The Living Dead XXIV.

Chalk, I really think that you picked the wrong profession but I'm still glad that you did because you've provided hours of hilarity via your blog. I'll definitely be buying your book as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

You need to do a Christmas special like the television shows. On the terrible standards of school productions and concerts where everyone raves about how fantastic the students are. This leads the students into thinking they have talent when they don't.

Anonymous said...

....a little bit like the 'gifted and talented' awards. My nephew was one such person, and they went on a celebration trip to germany. Did they speak german - eh no. did they do anything cultural - no. Did they eat German food - no (McD's)....the teachers told them to 'chill out'. They think they are gifted and talented, but sadly it just means they are slightly better than the rest.....children should be told the truth in love, and inspired to go further....not the liberal drivel we call education in this country!

Anonymous said...

sudan..where girls get circumcised and sown back together at the age of 5 and in the "wedding night" the "husband" has to use a knife " to "open them up". They die in their thousands. In childbirth and afterwards, when they;re sewn up again
Boys are circumcised, too. badly wrong as well, but they usually survive it.

Anonymous said...

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