Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Go Away.

Here's a good example of a nonsense story:

Despite the headline, Mrs Horsman has not been banned from her daughter's school at all. They have simply asked her to make an appointment rather than just turning up if she wants to speak to someone. How outrageous. After all, if you want to see your doctor, optician or dentist, you can just barge in and they will see you straight away... Oh no, hang on a minute; they won't.

All manner of freaks, nutters and window lickers used to turn up at my school; ranting and raving, swearing, shouting and usually demanding to have Mr Chalk 'sorted out.' The Head was too weak to simply tell them all to clear off.


Anonymous said...

Well to be fair at least this lady seems educated enough to write letters to the school. It doesn't say that she has gone in there shouting and screaming and calling the odds. I would think that this kind of behaviour would be a welcome surprise to the school. However, maybe they have been so surprised to have a parent behaving in a civil and educated manner, instead of going in all guns blazing that they simply don't know how to deal with it.

If I had concerns like this lady about a child of mine I might very well be tempted to voice my concerns in a letter. The article doesn't say whether the school responded to the ladys worries in the first place or tried to explain to her the reasons why they have these policies, so maybe, just maybe for once it is the school that has over reacted?

Anonymous said...

That's a bit of an overreaction from the school. surely if a parent has founded concerns they shouldn't be banned from school for wording them in a civilized letter. Sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

If her criticisms were about the way the school is run then they sound pretty well-founded. It is rather disturbing to think they are so intolerant of someone just because they had the gall to question things. It makes the school look as if they have something to hide - perhaps she hit on a few sore points.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Horsman told the BBC: "Part of my job as a parent is to question what goes on at the school and to make sure my daughter gets the best possible education."

In a normal world, parents wouldn't need to question what goes on at schools, but in the topsy-turvy world of education in 21st century Britain, it's not surprising.

Shame that a parent who it appears wants the best for her child rather than wanting certain teachers "sorting out" should be dealt with like this.

We probably don't know the full story though.

Hal Apeno said...

Mr Chalk,
Could you not get your favorite pupil to shoot her?

Anonymous said...

"Barbecue" is spelt like that, not 'barbeque'. I long ago gave up being appalled/astonished/name your adjective at the illiteracy of those who write the BBC online stuff, though.

Anonymous said...

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