Friday, October 13, 2006

Wasting Police Time

Just a quick post to let you know that David Copperfield's book 'Wasting Police Time' is out today. If you like my book you'll like his. Indeed, he might add that you will like his book even if you can't stand mine.

You can get it through the link on my blog, or in your nearest bookshop.


Anonymous said...

Out today? I've already read my copy!

Thought it was very good indeed, but not quite as good as yours, Frank.

PS Is it a requirement to have the word 'Wasting' in the title to get published by Monday Books?

Anonymous said...

just to balance things, i thought it was slightly better than yours frank! but both extremely good reads

Anonymous said...

there are some who say that david copperfield and frank chalk are one and the same?

same writing style,similar tales etc...

what say you frank?

Anonymous said...

Frank Chalk is also Belle De Jour. There, I said it.

Anonymous said...

to the anon who asked whether frank and pc copperfield are one and the same, no... i know copperfield, and he's a policeman.
further, as someone who works in the same field, i can name 50 people who would have written the same book as copperfield (if they had the same writing ability and balls).
the point is, what he's saying won't surprise anyone who works in the police - we deal with an alarming number of drunk, stupid, selfish, violent, thoughtless, greedy people who break the law because they like doing bad things, because it's easier than working 9-5 and because no-one (in recent years) has really buckled down and stopped them doing so.
i imagine (having read frank's book - and, no, i don't know frank) that it's the same story in teaching ie could be written by almost any teacher if they had the writing ability etc etc

we both deal with the underclass (the police and teachers in shit schools, that is) and the behaviour of the underclass is broadly similar everywhere.

thus, it's no great surprise that they sound alike.

same publisher, too (and someone should give monday books a medal for bringing these books out, instead of wayne rooney's autobiography or some equally worthless bollocks).

oh, and finally, anyone who goes to copperfield's blog and looks at the latest post will, if they scroll down through the comments, find a testimonial from the head of the excellent COPS charity - he has received £4,600 from david copperfield in the last year or two, the proceeds of dave's online writing for the first post. which is a) conclusive and b) also worthy of a medal.


Anonymous said...

I've finally got my copy of Frank's book, just in time for a spot of half term reading, and I'm looking forward to it! I'm prepared not to be shocked, because I know what schools are like. I'm very tempted by the "Wasting Police Time" book but I'm not sure if I wouldn't rather remain ignorant of some of the horrors occuring in other echelons in society.

However, I know several people who will really appreciate it as their Christmas present (and yes, unfortunately one does read the "Daily Mail" so I'm afraid it will will just reinforce their prejudices...!).

Funnily enough, the only reason I joined the teaching profession is because the police recruitment section thought my inability to see what's in front of me without my glasses on might impede my ability to do my job well. Guess they had a point.

PC Bloggs said...

I have both books and am working my way through... by the way Mr Chalk have you seen the article about the schoolgirl arrested for racism. Details on my blog but it reminded me of you.