Friday, March 17, 2006

Num malum ex decem duo

All schools have a motto_ good ones have theirs written in Latin, modern ones make up some sickly P.C. assortment of random words such as:

'Striving to Improve our Lives!


'Education for All!'

Ours is a take on the classic Meatloaf song 'Two out of Three ain't bad!' but with the numbers changed to reflect our rather lower ambitions:

Num malum ex decem duo!

is inscribed above our School door

ps Thanks to the poster who corrected my spelling mistake. Please feel free to submit your own school mottos_worst one wins a free copy of my book (maybe)


Anonymous said...

What's that mean?

Anonymous said...

'Two' and 'Ten' I recognise but not the rest

Anonymous said...

isn't malum 'bad'? (Mal in French is bad)

Anonymous said...

So 'something bad something ten two' Doesnt make much sense to me.

Anonymous said...

"Surely that's not bad: 2 out of 10"

It should be "duo"

Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

Anonymous said...

Didn't any of you guys read the clear reference to the Meatloaf song?

Lady Gwyn said...

We don't go inscribing things like mottoes above our doorways since they change them every year to fit the newest fad or politically correct scheme.

I believe ours last year was "Give it Your Best Shot".

Don't look at me, I didn't choose it.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Or School has 'Learning For Life' as its motto, which basically means you learn about chavvy scumbags and how they can do what they want in a classroom. Fo' Life!

Anonymous said...

It translates-

'Two out of ten ain't bad'

Anonymous said...

Hi Chalk,
Love your book at the moment but that's not the reason I am writting this comment :D. Want to know my school motto? Try "Excelence, Trust and Compassion".

Anonymous said...

"In nothing go to far - know yourself"

Honestly - Carisbrooke High School check it