Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tough Talk but no Trousers...

Goodness, this is a tough, draconian measure.

Poor old Liam and Chesney will no longer be allowed to drink cider in the park, go on a shoplifting expedition, or hang round the school gates shouting out their opinion of the Headmaster's parents.

Unfortunately like all the other tough measures, there is never any mention of what will happen to Coyne when he simply ignores it. As you can breach your ASBO 25 times with impunity, or keep your child off school without any fear of the Local Authority taking you to Court, I don't think that expellees with a love of the great outdoors should worry too much just yet.


Anonymous said...

hurray! It seems it is being recognized that parents are tresponsible for their offspring. Even chavvie ones. Glory be!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are they physically going to drag irresponsible parents in for these "reintegration" meetings? Or will it be as now - those parents stick two fingers up at the school and disown their offspring, forcing the Head to allow the kid back in anyway.

Anonymous said...


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