Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Parallel Worlds

Have a look at this article

Replace the word 'Police Officers' with 'Teachers'. 'Constabulary' with 'Schools' and... well you get the idea.

The decline in the Police Force exactly mirrors the decline in Education. We face the same problems; weak leaders, endless Government meddling, lack of public respect or support and ever increasing, mindless bureaucracy.

They can't strike and we won't.


dill the dog said...

It's not just the public sector, either... corners are being cut everywhere. Stupid, but unsurprising...

NQT said...

Lots of fun - lets you replace a list of words on any website ;)

Dinoplod said...

The similarity you pointed out of police and teachers is so true. I reckon that teachers face just as much aggression these days but without the training and equipment.
I often get told that "I wouldn't do your job these days", well I would NEVER do yours.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be suprising that that similar problems exist in the various public sector service industries.The reason for this is that exactly the same blue print was aplied to all in a 'one size fits all' approach when the current government reformed them all. The different sectors(Health, Police, Education etc). had one thing in common, they are operated by humans with budgets and targets and as such were likely to both suceed and fail in the same ways.

Jamie said...

Having had the pleasure to serve as an auxiliary coastguard and a teacher, I can see some common causes of the decline in standards in the public services. In every case, performance and service delivery have taken a nosedive shortly after a government review of the service. These reviews have always been carried out by management consultants from one of the big accountancy firm, and very rarely do they have public service experience.

In the coastguard, it was called "Focus for Change" in education it's the workload agreement. In both cases it means abolishing minimum standards for practitioners in order to save a few quid, which is then promptly spent on hiring management consultants and managers to oversee the change process.

Unfortunately, law enforcement, education, health are not businesses. Government attempts to try and make them fit into their five year plan are as doomed to fail as Stalin's five year plans for production in the Soviet Union.

Blimey, I hope the government don't twig this and start fiddling the figures. We'd really be in trouble then.

Anonymous said...


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