Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Birthday Present (Well not present actually)

Here, for your amusement is the verbatim transcript of a telephone conversation which took place earlier today:

Bring, Bring! Bring, Bring!

Mrs Scuzzer (groggily):" Uh, 'ello?"

Mrs Chalk (brightly): "Good morning Mrs Scuzzer, I'm just phoning because your daughter Tequilla wasn't in school yesterday and we didn't receive any phone call from you. Is she ill?

Mrs Scuzzer (wide awake now): "No, it was her birthday!"

Mrs. Chalk (somewhat dumbfounded):"Er..well...erm..."



Steg said...


MacDuff said...

Well thats all right isnt it?
Seems a perfectly good reason to me.

Mousie said...


But why should Education get all the holidays? I vote we roll it out to the NHS too.

Anonymous said...

Perfeckly normal.Get that every day. Needn't be a Birthday. could be the death of a pet stick insect.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a governor at a primary school where children were routinely kept away from school on their birthday so that they could go shopping for presents....

Sandy said...

As a teacher, I refuse to work on my birthday. So why shouldn't the kids do the same?

muso-tim said...

It's just not fair - my birthday is always in the holidays.

I remember receiving a note in advance asking if darling Steven (coincidentally a parent at 14) could have the day off for his birthday. I was an NQT, I thought it was a wind up.

Anonymous said...


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