Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No it isn't

In response to those who emailed asking if this was me writing under another pseudonym; I'm afraid that it isn't, but I do like it.


Alfred of Wessex said...

I wouldn't last a day as a cover supervisor - I would have committed serial murder after about five minutes of such behaviour by pupils.

Anonymous said...

Sounds almost too full of cliches to be true. However when you condense a year and a half of cover supervising into a small article I suppose it could be accurate.

I also don't think I could survive as a cover supervisor. It's bad enough doing one or two periods a week - if the kids don't know you they are a bloody nightmare!

Kimpatsu said...

Glad to see the kids throwing Bibles out of the window, though. They must be learning something!

Anonymous said...

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