Monday, September 10, 2007

Nasty Little Scrote

A far more suitable punishment would be to stick 925 000 volts through this wretch as he will probably be let out in two and a half years.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. A daily zap with his own weapon of choice for the next 15 years.

Note to government:
* Build more prisons
* Make them functional but with no frills - it is a place for _punishment_ for committing a crime
* Keep convicted criminals in there for the actual amount of time they are sentenced to. I.e. make them serve the _punishment_ they were sentenced to.

PC South West said...

It sends out a message does it not? Do what you like because you will get a slap on the wrist!!

As for building more prisons, we don't need any more, we just need to install bunk beds and start putting more scum in one room.
This makes my blood boil!!

Anonymous said...

The piece of shit should be strapped into Old Sparky and given a terminal dose of his own medicine.

Anonymous said...

leave him alone in a staffroom and giev every teacher a tazer gun.....

alanorei said...

"Troubled childhood"

Oh, well, that explains everything, given that he is still at the tender age of 19.

Remember that birching (which can be upgraded to flogging) produces nil repeat offenders and won't waste electricity.

Though I agree that the 'hot squat' is more appropriate in this case.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but poor childhood or not such abhorant and unprovoked attacks deserve the death penalty!

Why should we let such scum live, and then let good tax paying members of the public have to foot the bill, so that they can be reintigrated into society?

No I'm sorry but assholes like that should simply be killed and good ridence...What's more that might also free up a few prison places so we don't need to build anymore, which the tax payer will also have to pay for.

Also doesn't the fact that we need more prison spaces because there are more people committing crimes prove that this softly softly approach to dealing out punishments doesn't work. Counselling and rehabilitation is not the answer, you need to have punishments that physically hurt and are so painful that nobody would ever want to go through it again!

Bring back both corpral and capital punishments and to hell with human rights. If you are convicted of such mindless attacks then I'm sorry but you don't deserve any rights. Just pain!

Anonymous said...

Lovely moderate comments here ... making this blog look like the site of a right wing think tank. not.

Would zapping the teenager / adult achieve anything? no.

Would it have achieved anything earlier, say when he was at school and impressionable, if he had been birched or likewise for misdemeanors,... probably.

Are some people seriously suggesting the death penalty for this??? Or bunging more beds in prison because all prisoners are 'scum'. Sigh. For their sake I hope its a bad case of trollitis.

Jezz said...

re the poster above.

About 90% of the prisoners I've met, really have been scum.

Moderate responses are all very nice but they lead to the situation we see in this article where someone acts with extreme violence without any care for the consequences.

If you ever get attacked and are unable to outrun your attacker, would you attempt a touchy feelly response then?

Anonymous said...

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Gamblor said...

Sad to think this guy will be out now...