Saturday, December 16, 2006

I'd have hung him....

Gerald Chalk is no relation to me I can assure you. It's good to see that strong judges like this one send a clear message to the young offender. In fact pretty much the same one we give them in school:

"Do that again Sonny and nothing much will happen to you"

That should teach him a lesson.


Sandy said...

It was a bit harsh, I reckon - 60 days' tagging for a mere 34 offences. I would have given him a 50 quid Boots voucher and told him to spend it wisely - on some gloves to avoid detection next time, for example.

lilyofthefield said...

When he was 13 my son used to do a paper round in the sun, hail, rain and snow to pay for his ticket to go to football matches. It used to hack him off no end to see the lads from the local secure unit in better seats which they got completely free for breaking the law.

"Do that again Sonny and nothing much will happen to you"
It's the cousin of "Stop doing that or I'll tell you to stop doing it again."


Anonymous said...

Maybe Gazza is a rent boy (male sex worker) and 'Judge' (JUDGE MY ARSE - HE'S A MUPPET MAGISTRATE) Chalk is one of his punters (clients) and there's some Blackmail (sorry, demands with menaces) going on. Like Blair and Prescott - Every one knows Prescott has some compromising photos of Blair - how else has fat boy still got a job?) So its obvious why Gazza has been detagged for Crimbo.

Anonymous said...

Hanging is too good for them. First, I'd have him paraded but-naked through the town, pelted with bricks. Then, what's left of him, I'd have the army use as target practice.

All on reality TV, of course.

Anonymous said...

Staggering. As the report points out the guy didnt even ask for the concession. He goes up in my estimation, the judge is a twat.