Friday, December 08, 2006

Dec 8th

I opened today's door and saw...

2 Christmas stockings, so no winners I'm afraid. Mossy keeps his lead.

We're now up to 200 signings on the petition. Hurrah! Keep spreading the word.

I'm thinking of running for Parliament on a 'Hang a Hoodie' manifesto.


Anonymous said...

this is teachit, but I have forgotten my password so it won't let me log in as blogger - never mind i just wanted to highlight a loophole in our school system. A teacher sets somebody a detention for messing around in lessons. they go to their learning mentor and say they are refusing to come back to said lesson. They don't turn up for said lesson for a few weeks. The learning mentor goes to speak to teacher and beg for mercy for said child because they are so young and misunderstood. Teacher says no the child must do the detention. Child misses lessons then months later turns back up with learning mentor who claims that she/he has managed to persuade the child to attend and can we go easy on them. They disappear and child starts messing around again. Teacher phones learning mentor and asks them to sit in lesson because the child is misbehaving and she supported them in not doing the detention. they are busy. Teacher starts again setting detentions etc...... Sometimes i don't actually blame the child for the bad behaviour. They found a loophole, nobody accepts this is a loophole so children use it to their advantage.

lilyofthefield said...

Teachit, teachit, a child doesn't "use" it to his advantage! How cynical would that be? No no no, he is misunderstood and you are picking on him. Your refusal to allow him to have his own way over the detention, with the collusion, sorry, counselling of his mentor (working together to overcome barriers to learning) is an abuse of the power vested in you.

You are in loco parentis. Would a caring parent refuse to have the child in his presence for months because he was rude, disrespectful and disruptive? Certainly not, that's what schools are for, though if you were truly in loco parentis you could race the child up the stairs cramming the F word in between every other word as you smack him round the head a few times.

Did you see Corrie tonight? Poor old Norris, treated just like a teacher.

Mossy said...

I'm staying with a Christmas Tree, it's gotta come up sooner or later

Mossy from Wakefield

Anonymous said...

teachit here. I wish Corrie and other shows wouldn't put any ideas into these kids heads. I have had a right week this week what with ofsted doing an ICT subject inspection,(we were satisfactory with good elements) the kid with the detention, and then on wed afternoon I told a kid that if her behaviour didn't improve I would have to report it to the head of year only to be told " you do that love and i tell you what I'll report you to the Head. Honest to god i was trying to be reasonable didn't lose my temper or shout. She was whistling and making ear screeching noises and one of my autistic kids who is virtually blind got so scared I had to take him out of room. then she was abusive about having kids like that in our classrooms with so called normal kids like her. The last straw was seeing corrie.

Nick said...

Oi! Not sure I like your "hang a Hoodie" manifesto. It wasnae me, Sir. Anyway, I've posted here about your petition.

Mr. "Hoodie" Hood
dot co dot uk