Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hoorah for The GTCE

I've finally received a reply from the GTCE. Here's my initial email:

Hi, my name is Frank Chalk and I do a Teaching blog at http://frankchalk.blogspot.com.

I've recently submitted a petition to No. 10 in order to try and improve standards of discipline in schools. I taught for ten years so I saw exactly how bad things have become and now I'm trying to do something about it. Could you publicise this petition on your website please? (I tried sending this to 'General Enquiries' but no luck)
Many thanks
Frank Chalk

And the reply:

Dear Mr Chalk

I have made further enquiries concerning your petition and your request to place it on the GTC website.

We would not be able to promote your petition without first seeking the views of our Council. I am happy to draw it to their attention if you wish me to, but it is only fair to say that there are limitations on the ability of the GTC to support external campaigns.

This is not to deny the seriousness of the issue, but the GTC’s remit is to offer advice to the Secretary of State based on evidence, both from formal research and from the experience of practising teachers.

For example, pupil behaviour was third highest in the list of problems identified by teachers responding to our 2005 survey, representing 16 per cent of respondents. As you will be aware, it is also high on the list of concerns for newly qualified teachers. In response to this feedback, our Engage network, which is an online community for newly qualified and early career teachers, is working on the issue of behaviour for learning. Some of our Research of the Month features have tackled the issue too. Both Engage and Research of the Month can be accessed through our web site:


David Brooks Web Editor

If you feel in any way dissatisfied by the attitude of the GTCE, then do not hesitate to email them at david.brooks@gtce.org.uk

Oh and don't forget to pay your subscriptions on time. They are working hard for you.


Lil said...

In another survey last year, over 90% of teachers thought that the GTCE was a complete waste of their money.

Robin said...

This GTCE communication has all the hallmarks of the smug,self satisfied air of those forced to talk to the 'little people'.After all thy know best don't they?

Anonymous said...

Teachit here. Maybe we should start another petition to get rid of the GTCE.

Mossy said...

Staying with the door wreath, that's gotta be in there somewhere

Mossy from Wakefield

lilyofthefield said...

I hope anonymous the secret shopper gets run over by a large truck. Is that not in the Christmas spirit? Sorry.