Friday, December 01, 2006

Dec 1 Result

Dec 1 Result:

A sprig of Holly.

One point to El Tel, but it's still early days and there's everything to play for!

ps My petition has been approved! Click on the link here and sign it. Then get everybody you know, to do the same. If anyone knows anybody in the media then see what they can do to publicise it further.

Let's show the useless gits in charge of education what we think of them and maybe, just maybe something will happen.


Robin said...

Can I ask how you are going to transmit this petition to the parallel universe that Tony Blair and his minions occupy?Full marks for trying though.

David said...

How "interesting" that the confirmation email went straight into my junk mail folder and if I hadn't checked it then I would have lost the chance to sign! Wonder how many other people are waiting for an email that has been deleted already by their email programme? It is a plot I tell you!

Julie said...

Guess for calender 2/12...
A red and white striped candy cane?

horrorfan said...

Apologies to any liberal do gooders on here, but the only form of discipline that will work is to reintroduce corpral punishment! I'm a F.E college lecturer and I've been told this week that we are now no longer allowed to shout at our students. Also if they report me for shouting there is about a 90% chance I will be sacked. Apparently, this is classed as bulying the little bastards. It's about time children and young adults were brought back into line and taught not to question their elders again!