Monday, December 18, 2006

'avin a fag.

I hate smoking but I rolled around laughing at the sheer cheek of this daft bat

Her comment of "I am not encouraging children to smoke" is sheer brilliance and I would immediately promote her to a School Management position.


lilyofthefield said...


I can only hope no-one is stupid enough to employ her thereafter. Immoral is one thing but lying about it afterwards in terms that would insult the credulity of a five year old is despicable.

Stan Still said...

I do hope that the people in charge of HM Revenue and Customs get to hear of this woman's little sideline. A quick visit from those guys and she'll regret it. The power they have to seize goods in lieu of duty is awesome!

sisyphus said...

Another powerful meaningful punishment - banned from teaching for six months IN A STATE SCHOOL but she's already been headhunted to teach (economics, business enterprise and healthy living?) in the private sector.

More "hot" news from St George's Academy in Harpenden - remember the October expulsion of two naughty boy cannabis smokers, doing it at the local park in the school holidays? Now an apparently "fit" PE teacher has resigned before the end of term for lapdancing with a bunch of male pupils (some allegedly under age, but this might have been inserted to juice up the story, so to speak) at a St Albans nightspot. The story gets better: she is a former pupil of St George's and this was her first ever teaching job. Adds a new angle to the advice "get to know your students".