Monday, July 31, 2006

Wasting Police Time

I've put up a link for David Copperfield's book 'Wasting Police TIme'

I read it (as it's also published by Monday Books) and it is a shocking expose of modern policing. His aim, like mine; is to bring to the public's attention the bureaucratic nonsense, political correctness and lack of leadership that has become as commonplace in the Police Force as it has in Teaching.

He provides a humorous and revealing insight into what your average Bobby actually does all day. He also writes the Coppersblog at which is well worth a read.

ps. If anybody can tell me how to get the advert to appear next to mine rather than underneath it, I'd be very grateful.


Anonymous said...

'Humerous', you say?

Time to get that spellcheck facility working (again!).

Anonymous said...

raise your game, chalky. 'bureaucratic'. to think you might actually be teaching my kids :-)