Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Recent email

A recent email described my blog as offensive, poorly written, insulting and unimaginative. After careful thought I have to admit that this is absolutely true.

Oh and thanks to Hilary for pointing out that Mr doesn't need a full stop in front of it, because the M and R aren't next to each other in the original word. It's amazing what you learn...


Ginny said...

No it isn't! I love it.

Stan Still said...

Did you point out to your correspondent that he/she isn't forced to read your blog and if they don't like it, they can get stuffed?

I would have done.

Keep it up - the truth will out!!

Anonymous said...

Hilary is wrong- 'Mr' doesn't need the full stop after it, but not for the reasons she gives. In British English, we put a full stop when the abbreviation ends with a letter other than the final letter (Rev./Prof.), not for the reasons she suggests. This, of course, raises a problem with 'Col/Col.' for 'colonel' as it's not clear which 'l' it refers to. Also, in American English, they usually do use a period after 'Mr'.

I really must get out more.

PS, your blog is some of that (offensive/insulting) and very entertaining.

Wheeler said...

Perhaps it should be M'r ?
PS Just found your blog and think it's marvellous - hats off to you.

Andrew Pass Educational Services, LLC said...

I love your British humor, mate. Keep it coming.

Andrew Pass

Anonymous said...

A daily read I'm afraid ...:-)


Alfred of Wessex said...

Presumably because you refuse to play the kind of intellectual/political/amoral games that have become required practice in NuLab Britain.

You tell it how it is - something your detractors cannot stand. Our education system is still in thrall to the same failed 'progressive' educational ideas that have been preached by the Cultural Marxists in the Teacher Training Colleges since the 1960s. Soon teachers will not be allowed to even to mention the concept of right and wrong in case it offends someone's sensibilities. God help us all.