Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Replies and comments

Thanks to all those who've left comments on this site and please keep them coming. They make me feel that I'm not just talking to myself. (Not that I'm judgemental about anyone who does do that, I hasten to add; before the Society of Self Communication Therapists comes after me...)

Some of them are very funny, some are informative and others are critical but to my amazement, (and this really will tempt fate) none have been abusive. (I have the mighty power to delete comments but haven't needed to yet) I've worked out some ground rules and they are as follows, so pay attention:

No swearing. We can hear that at school.
No mindless abuse.
Really good ones will be pilfered, reworked and incorporated into future writing.

ps. Due to popular demand, I have stopped using these _


Paul Tee said...

At 6.48am I wouldnt which one to use either!

andy kay said...

how did you get your book published? are you doing it yourself?
like the blog, by the way. i'm not a teacher, i'm a policeman (came to you via coppersblog) but you have a lot in common with us. you have them early doors, we have them a bit later on :)
keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I would never use the underscore _

It was merely invented to cause confusion when giving email addresses. In an emergency, use a hyphen - but never the evil underscore :o)

Anonymous said...

I only ever use the underscore when I am creating cloze exercises. And as for the : thingy (which rumour says is named after someone's bottom) I don't know about that - I teach in a special school.

Since you are being introspective, though, hope you don't mind a little feedack...

Your work is thoroughly enjoyable and would even consider paying for a paper copy of it, even though I disagree with loads - but then that is inevitable given my own professional perspective.

And, as we both know, feedback is invalid without a SMART target - so I think you need to be more pointedly satirical of our political overlords, success in this area being demonstrated by the humiliation and resignation of another Secretary of State for Education by the end of the next academic year.

And if you fail, OFSTED will be coming to get you.

Bill Sticker said...

Mr Chalk,

From a Techie point of view the keywords for colon and underscore use are 'context' and 'syntax'. The underscore is generally used as a separator for words in file names (Amongst other uses) and the colon used as part of a URL or drive location such as or D:\. There are others but people have a tendency to go to start snoring when you try to explain it all.

Incidentally, thanks for the link, will reciprocate when I return from holiday.



P.S. It might be a good idea to enable comments verification to cut down on spam. Good luck with the book.

Anonymous said...

.......i'm a policeman (came to you via coppersblog) but you have a lot in common with us. you have them early doors, we have them a bit later on :)
keep up the good work! ......

Me too keep it coming .... As for the post relating to the satirising
(is there such a word?)of the political elite I have to say that it is unfair to mock the afflicted...:-)


Laban said...

Churchill reckoned that Fowler's "Modern English Usage" was the secret of literary success and ghe won a Nobel Prize for Literature.

You could probably find a copy on Amazon or ABE books ... lo !

Anonymous said...

Sue said
You do remind me of Ted Wragg only even funnier! And it is funny because it is so true! Keep up the excellent work, well done. God that feels like writing a report for a good kid!