Sunday, July 09, 2006

Self Control_A forgotten Idea

Kids shouting out in class constantly demanding attention, drunks fighting in the street, hysterical outbursts at the slightest perceived insult_ what have they all got in common?

"Lack of self control Mr. Chalk!" I hear you reply.

The non-stop sending of abusive mobile phone messages, the growing problem of obesity, alcoholism and dependence on drugs both legal ind illegal. The mountain of litter in our city centres and football players throwing childish tantrums.

"We've just told you Mr. Chalk_lack of self control! (And if you don't start listening we'll smash your...)"

Whether it's an inability to ignore and rise above a foolish comment, to stop eating, or carry a piece of litter 50 yards and put it in a bin; it all boils down to self-control, a forgotten idea but one that is overdue a comeback.

Whatever happened to quiet dignity? To facing adversity with stoicism rather than mindless screaming? To taking stock of a situation, perhaps realising that we may have partly brought it upon ourselves, and accepting some share of the blame rather than shrieking "I know my rights!"

Stoicism, dignity and fortitude. I'd like to spend more time teaching about them.


Anonymous said...

Too right. Good post!

Oubaas said...

.. and in which school would you be allowed to teach the repression of emotions and bottling up of feelings that are the concommitant to self-cotrol, Mr Chalk?

Nice blog, and spot on, too.

theyjustdontunderstandme said...

bang on
the kids in the school i (supply) teach at have absolutely no idea about self-control.

Anonymous said...

Self control!!??? What's wrong with just shouting out the first thing that comes into your head and lashing out mindlessly?

Oh. I see...

Anonymous said...

What? We didn't amass the biggest Empire the planet has ever seen by being self controlled and stiff of upper lip, you know!

We didn't win at Crécy, Agincourt, Oudenarde, Waterloo, Plassey and the Battle of Britain by using self control, did we.

We did? Are you sure?

I thought we did it by jumping up and down, having hissy-fits and generally patronising Johnny Foreigner for not being as good as us.

Anonymous said...

just tuned in from copperfield, dependEnce by the way, _ seems to be a modern thing related to computers, ; & : go back to typewriters :-)

tashammer said...

Jargon Alert!

Instantaneous needs gratification.

Once upon a time one of the differences between a child and an adult the ability to defer the mteeting of needs until another time or place. However, we are living in a "I want it now world..." (a snippet from a Queen rock group lyric.

Buy on, no deposit, no payments for 2000 years. Keep getting new things for ever. "Mum, i need to have those particular brand of trainers or i will die, be socially ostracized, develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD or whatever".

"Mum, i wanna credit card too". "Dad can i have a mobile phone?"

Do we really wonder why kids lack self control when we provide them with all the role models they need in not having self control?