Monday, October 13, 2008

Guantanamo Bay

This is shocking and totally inappropriate

I suggested it two years ago in my book and the school hasn't even thanked me. What sort of behaviour is that?


Anonymous said...

There are some nice quotes in the article, mostly from one unruly scrote's Dad:-

“The school is running a regime of fear."

About time too, I would say. More should be following suit!

"I would rather take my son out of the school than see him spend time in that dungeon.”

I bet there are a good number of teachers eagerly awaiting Dad to fulfill his promise!

Anonymous said...

So it's "scary"...hehe...nice to see some of the bully-kids being scared a bit for a chnge.
The boy is academically bright and has never been in trouble? Well, he is now and he should take his punishment. he KNEW of the zero tolertance policy when he let the tyres of taht bike down. so there. He made an informed choice, didn't he. Now facing the consequences is "too scary". Poor baby.
Long live the dungeon. Wish we had more of them.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, if you've done something wrong, then you should live in FEAR of the aftermath. It's about bloody time schools started to have punishments that kids are fearful of. Being fearful of the punishments is the only way to discourage people from getting into trouble in the first place. There is nothing at all wrong with putting a small amount of fear into childrens minds. We've all become far too soft in this country.

Ranting Teacher said...

I was only thinking this morning of being a school pupil myself about a billion years ago, and what stopped us all rising up and smashing windows, or even walking around with our shirts untucked. And the conclusion I came to was fear. Nothing else is going to stop teenagers being little gits at least some of the time.

Boy on a bike said...

After getting 6 of the best from my house master, I lived in mortal fear of ever getting whacked again - and behaved well as a result!

I found out earlier this year that he had been some sort of Rhodesian spook during their "war of independence". By the way he caned, I reckon he must have run their version of Guantanamo. When you can't sit down for a few days, you have plenty of time to reflect on your misdeeds.

Nick! said...

The father of the lad has a bit of a distorted view - at first saying that the punishment is like "Guantanamo Bay", which shows a distinct lack of perspective or understanding of what Gitmo is probably like.

THEN he says it's like prison. Which again shows a bit of a confused sense of prison conditions, as well as by extension drawing a parallel that doesn't exist between prison and Guantanamo.

Tut. The man should be ashamed of himself, working so hard to make a watery fop of his son.

My favourite bit:
"The school added claims the room was intimidating were “comp-letely and wholly appropriate.”"

Fair play to 'em.

Anonymous said...

Our school has a similar system.

Its called the Inclusion Room. It keeps the external exclusions off the streets.

Most kids hate it. Though we do have repeat offenders they are the same old chestnuts who will end up in a proper cell one day with a bit of luck.

We also have CCTV as protection for the staff who man it. A good deterrent.

Anonymous said...

I've seen lots of schools with these isolation rooms, they are quite common and often with different decor.

I think the newspaper has made it look far dramatic than the reality.

Anonymous said...

Sounds bloody great. What a fantastic idea! I'd love to send my kids to a school that wasn't afraid to punish the naughty ones.