Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I'm glad this lot went on a jolly to Barcelona, but the idea of "enhancing creative teaching and cultural awareness" makes me feel quite ill.

Talking of being ill, please note that teachers should now be able to accurately diagnose appendicitis, (Doesn't mother look like she has been slapped by a wet fish?)


MarkUK said...

Obviously the school was taking a leaf out of the practice in industry and commerce manual.

Unfortunately, the edition of the manual was 10-15 years old. Most companies nowadays are much more frugal.

phatboy said...

I love the claim by the school in Stoke that they couldn't find anywhere cheaper in the UK or internationally.

Was I the only person sitting on the train thinking... what about the huge school building that has lots of rooms specifically designed to seat lots of people all at the same time?

Rich said...

I can see it now:

"Mam, I've got tummy ache. I don't want to go to school."

"You're going. No argument. I got things to do"


Metcountymounty said...

My wife has a dicK!

Lilyofthefield said...

Is it a requirement of being a whiny, arsy mother who can't wait to tell the papers (with suitably traumatised expression) how them teachers done her kid wrong, that she should have a face like a bag of spanners?

GAS said...

I tend to find it is jealousy and sour grapes with the people who complain about these junkets for staff. They are jealous they didn't think of it and sour that they weren't invited.

PC Bloggs said...

Why did the school feel they had to justify the Barcelona trip by saying they had studied "Miro and Picasso" in school. I bet they also studied Hadrian, Shakespeare and Queen Victoria. They should just have said the trip was for morale, which would probably be true.

On the other topic, in the police, we not only have to diagnose appenticitis, but are expected to know the difference between diabetic coma and cannabis, brain bleed and drunkenness, "excited delirium" and violence.

Anonymous said...

That thing with the boy and his appendicitis is a difficult one. Do I stand as a teacher or do I stand as a parent on this

The teacher in me says I bet his mother sent him to school ill in the first place.

The parent in me remembers how cross I was with my son's school when he got hit across the head with a cricket bat during school P.E and no one even bothered to inform me about it until the end of school when he came out with two black eyes, a cheek bone sticking out his face, and concussion.

I didn't go to the papers though, nor did I question the p.e teacher's over a possible lack of supervision. I took it all sweetly, just felt upset that I hadn't been given an opportunity to decide for myself if it could be serious or not. (I could have left work early for once)

The school's only comment - it was his own fault for standing too close to the batsman.

Mind you stomach ache isn't visible like facial injuries, but I can report that my son can now officially take a claim to my husband's side of the family having been hit over the head whilst young.

I wonder if she was paid for the article? Maybe I missed a trick.