Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gardeners World

I'm going through the sidebar, cutting out dead links and planting new ones, like a demented digital gardener. If you've got any recommendations let me know. Only criteria is that they've got to be entertaining.

I've also had a few emails from people wanting to do guest articles on this blog. Needless to say the idea appeals to me immensely because it saves me from doing them. If you can write something interesting and amusing, then just send it in and let me know whether you wish to be credited or just ruthlessly plagiarised.


reallifedilbert said...


whats more the better half is a teacher (which is why I read your blog) and she might moan less about evenings spent with the laptop if she thought someone actually read my blog.....

keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

This is a good one.
Regards John Gibson

CJ Nerd said...

This one's good too.


The last two postings are a bit more 'heavy' than usual, and the one before is by a guest blogger. Overall Old Andrew is normally entertaining and always enlightening.

Charlotte Hume said...

Dear Frank Chalk,
You have been reviewed on Teachers TV news who have linked to your blog.
The education blog review is a regular feature on their news programme, produced by ITN.

Charlotte Hume
Teachers TV News

cartermagna said...

You could always try my one Sir. I bought your book and everything!

Anonymous said...

This one is fun: