Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yes many teenagers are in fact, lazy

Confirmation of Chalk's Fifth Law of Teaching:

"Never, ever listen to anything an 'Academic' says"

Teenagers went to work early in the morning on time for millenia. Whether it was to work down the mines, milk cows, or carry a bag of flint spear heads for Ug.

This was simply because they were punished if they were late. Now that we seem to regard any form of punishment as barbaric, kids turn up when they feel like it. The well known philosopher, Shane Scroggins summed this up neatly in his declaration:

"You can't make me do nuthin' you say!"

If you are an academic however, dream up some pseudo scientific explanation tailored to make a good headline for the ever more gullible. No doubt schools will fall over themselves to pander to this latest thinking.


Tom Welsh said...

"“You can teach kids their French verbs day in and day out and they won’t remember them,” he said."

That's funny, I remember mine better than what I had to eat yesterday! Of course, if you're a lousy teacher, you try to make the kids remember verb endings ALONE,and they will forget - because the knowledge has no meaning for them (or anyone else). But if you immediately ask them to write sentences and paragraphs using those verbs in all their different conjugations and persons, they will be remembered for life - just like poetry or anything else learned in childhood.

There's a lot to be said for "rote" learning.

Anonymous said...

"Younger children and adults thrive on going to bed and getting up early". Really? I can't think of anything I'd rather not do than get up at 6am while it's still dark outside, freezing, p**sing it down, then later in the day come home form work and go to bed. I think this may just be a story to subliminally tell people that they actually enjoy the rat race day after day. And remember, you must love The Party.

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap! Stop bloody pandering to the students, it's about time we made them do as they were told whether they like it or not. Young people shouldn't have half the rights they have today. They need to be taught that it is the teachers' and the adults that have the power not them! Stop being so bloody soft on them. In fact here is an idea, young people shouldn't have any power or say in the matter until they are registered in the phone book. In other words once they have a good secure job and their own home and can prove they have got the maturity to be afforded the rights and responsibilities, until then they do as they are told. Sorry I know I'm ranting but it makes me so angry that young people are allowed to walk all over their elders and betters these days without any fear of punishment. hen you get idiotic interllectuals making excuses for their bad behaviour. Stop it!

Anonymous said...

This report is surely a spoof?

My firm has to pay to send school leavers on a course so that they can learn how to read, write and add-up, despite having spent the previous 11 or 13 years in our education system.

The ones who are late attending the 'basics' course on the second morning are told not to come back on the third.

How can excusing lateness help the kids to acknowledge the importance of puctuality? I give up.

Almost American said...

Yeah, that 'teenagers have a different bodyclock' excuse has been doing the rounds for a while now. Personally I think it's rubbish! If they moved to a country on the other side of the world they'd adjust their body clock, wouldn't they? If they can do that, they can get themselves up on time!

Esteban said...

What a complete pile of horse shit. Any teacher will tell you that the best lesson for learning is lesson 1 or 2, i.e. before the time stipulated by this moron who has probably done his research on a sample of 6 in a school on the Isle of Lewis. First lesson after lunch and last lesson are when the kids are at there most whacky and annoying. I thought everyone knew that!
I hate educational academics, especially when they churn out such inaccurate rubbish as this. They should get themselves back in a classroom and remind themselves of the reality

lilyofthefield said...

So teenagers need a lot of sleep and don't like getting up in the morning, especially if they've been up till half past three doing something they do like.

That sounds just like me and I'm fifty. Where's the special treatment for me?
I deserve it.
I'm worth it.
I can be anything I want.

Ranting Teacher said...

"Monkseaton wants to become known for its cutting-edge work into brain research and its implications for the future of education." Bastards! How did they figure out this great excuse - to lounge around in bed and never have to scrape ice off their cars on dark winter mornings - before I got to the position of power needed to make up bullshit brain research and change school opening times? Confounded again...

twirly said...

Anonymous said...
How can excusing lateness help the kids to acknowledge the importance of puctuality? I give up.

You have missed the point entirely. Punctuality shouldn't start until 1100.
Personally, I find that suits me for 5 days of the week. On the other two I have to work and so I don't bother waking up. In 21 months I retire and everyday will be Saturday :0)

Will said...

I am 14 and doing a essay on this and i belive that teenagers are all to lazy and do shit all

Anonymous said...

Yes, teenagers got up early to help their parents work for millenia. Whatever. They were shoveling horse crap, they weren't trying to learn calculus from an underpaid sadist who could care less about them and should have retired ten years ago. I won't deny that some teenagers are lazy. Others are just apathetic. Why? Because they've been browbeaten into doing mountains of work for most of their lives and can't be bothered anymore. Yes, there's a lot to be said for "rote learning." In this teenager's opinion, most of what can be said for rote learning can be summarized by a few simple words: "It sucks. It doesn't work. Don't do it."