Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

A happy New Year to all readers, but not to this brat:

ps If anyone went skiing in Colorado or the Canadian Rockies over Xmas, please do not write in and tell me how good the conditions were.


monkeyflump said...

zero tolerance!!!! Yes there's a lot of that around isn't there?

lilyofthefield said...

I've banged on about this on another site. The thing that makes the heart sink is not that an arsy brat vandalised a school building: that happened in 1980 too. It is the joyful absence of any fear of recognition or retribution. They film and distribute with impunity. Will that boy's parents get a bill for the window? Will the boy? If he is charged with anything at all will he receive a meaningful punishment? Will the kids who egged him on be accessories to a crime and carry it on their records?


SandyM said...

And whose fault is all that, lilyofthefield?

James said...

Chins up. He's on the other side of the Atlantic by now.
And surely, if he was annoyed with a particular teacher he would have targeted something more personal than a classroom window? Definitely a flaw in his logic there.
On a related note, a fellow pupil at my school with a grudge against a particular teacher (who I myself was not over-fond of) was eventually expelled after threatening said teacher with a plank of wood.

mumof4 said...

At least you missed the avalanche today (and the following terrible traffic jams).

staghounds said...

I had a lovely month's hunting in France and England, thank you. Skiing is dull, and the clothes too shiny.