Saturday, January 13, 2007


Three cheers for Mary Lewis, Head of Lammack Primary School, Blackburn who has asked parents not to chew gum on the school premises. She claims that it is a litter issue, but I suspect the litter she has in mind is in the form of gormless halfwits mooching aimlessly around with their jaws opening and closing as they try to remember the name of their offspring.

Read the story here

The teaching Union NASUWT described the move as 'heavy handed', (ie she actually did something, rather than just talk about it)


Anonymous said...

Three cheers; it's the most revolting habit and quite frankly I'd like to go the way of Singapore and just make it completely illegal. Having to talk to someone while you can see some mushy pinkness squelch around in their mouth, muffling their already semi-incoherent speech... yuk, it's hell.

David said...

Yes but some need to chew to enable their wee brains to remember to also 'breathe in breathe out'.....

Anonymous said...

It's good to see, Frank, that unlike the journalist, the parents quoted and (depressingly) the NASUWT, you highlight that it was a REQUEST from the head.

Not a "ban".

Can't anybody understand what they read anymore? (Rhetorical).

Anonymous said...

Good grief when are we going to stop worrying about offending everyone? I'm really glad that someone had the strength to take a really strong stand. We need far more drastic and un P.C ideas like this if we are ever going to turn our education and our society around.

As for the parents, they should welcome the decision. Parents need to lead by example and not question school decisions and policies but support them. Well done to that headteacher for having a backbone.

Shame and double shame on the union for criticising her!

lilyofthefield said...

I hate it. It makes girls especially look like brain-free cattle, and the environmental damage it does should make it roundly condemned and banned in public places.

I watched two kids at school snogging in the corridor, which is revolting enough in the first place, but seeing them both remove their gum first hold it in their hands and then put it back in after the snog..... uurgh I can feel my toasted teacake coming back up all over again.

Anonymous said...

My guess is a sprig of holly.

Anonymous said...

I salute that head.

When will people realise that chewing gum makes them look STUPID? Would they choose other accessories on that basis? - "oh here's a t-shirt that makes me look stupid, I'll wear that..."

Actually they do - those stupid stupid trousers-worn-with-the-waistband-under-the-bottom. Why? Why? It makes the wearer look STUPID.

Grr. I of course only wear sensible items of clothing...

lilyofthefield said...

Tsk. You just don't recognise style and cooooool when you see it. I do sometimes wonder if the corpulent young women who don't seem able to discern the tractor tyre of blubber that is bulging in between their low low jeans and high high top actually own a mirror.

Genghis said...

Never mind banning the gum, ban the parents! (yes, I know the Head requested and didn't ban, but it's a good opening line)
There is an infants and primary school just a short walk from the secondary where I teach and I often feel sorrow for the younger kids when I see the horrors that are waiting to pick them up. Seriously, what kind of life will they have, what kind of prospects have they got with those fat, chain smoking, foul mouthed, self obsessed, infantilised, education-hating cretins that (tragically) so many have as their role models.
I've been threatened at parents' evenings on more than one occasion because "Our (fill in bloody stupid made-up name)'s told me how you keep pickin' on 'er when she aint done nuffink, innit! Ooh dchew fink you are?"
I used to think I was a highly educated and trained professional with a gift for being able to pass on knowledge and a passion to give kids from working class families the same chance I had to escape a dead-end existence and discover a wider world.
Somehow I seem to be out of touch with modern "educational" reality.

Anonymous said...

Genghis said...
...give kids from working class families the same chance I had to escape a dead-end existence and discover a wider world.
Somehow I seem to be out of touch with modern "educational" reality.

I've said it before and no doubt I'll say it again: the ruling elite have set up state education since the late 1970s precisely so those young people don't have the same chances you or I had, while appearing through league tables and meaningless targets to be "improving" education - and they've done this in order to minimise the chance of the working classes forming an effective and cohesive opposition.

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lilyofthefield said...

The previous poster is kidding him/herself if s/he thinks I would ever visit a website or purchase a product advertised in such a way.

Mister Teacher said...

Lilly, I think that last poster MAY have been chewing gum...

Anonymous said...

A different anonymous said:

the ruling elite have set up state education since the late 1970s precisely so those young people don't have the same chances you or I had

That certainly seems plausible, given the quality of state education - the new basic "science" GCSE is deemed worthy only of year 9s at the local Grammar school.

What I don't understand is why there seems so much more antipathy to the idea of being educated now. Don't get me wrong, when I was at school, other schools hated us because we were at a Grammar. We were too busy competing for high marks to moan about each other. Now, even there, kids who do "too well" are "too clever" or "boffins".

Whatever happened to "Do your best at school and you'll get a really good job"? It seems to have been replaced with "Our Shane/Dwayne/Tie is gonna be a footballer innit" and "Shanice/Laniqua is gunna be a pop star".

James said...

In the name of being scrupulously fair to everyone, chewing gum does have a legitimate use as a breath freshener, and is carried by many a respectable middle-class mum in her handbag.
However, it is common courtesy to dispose of it when engaging in conversation, and to do so in a responsible manner. Headteachers shouldn't have to tell the parents this.

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