Thursday, January 11, 2007

Turn off the TV and learn the Tea Ceremony

If 76% of those idle enough to be bothered to stop and answer a questionnaire wanted schools to select kids by their academic ability then 100% of those in possession of a full deck of cards would support it.

Whilst Ministers dither endlessly, one Japanese school is leading the way. Get practicing now.


oldandrew said...

As I understand it the recent poll showed only 36% of people support selection. However a right wing think tank then claimed that the 40% of people who support streaming/setting in schools rather than selection were "supporting some form of selection" and added the two figures together.

Richy said...

My kid goes to a school that is worse than the one I attended in the same area thiry years ago. That's progress for you.

The Grammar schools were the only hope of a way out of manual labour for so many of us from poor families in the sixties and seventies. i just cannot believe that we've allowed that escape hatch to be slammed shut.

Nowadays a kid from a poor family has to go to a crap school and fail, or if they are very bright and their parents help them a lot then they might just manage to do averagely well. It makes me sick